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  1. Jungle

    Very lonely :(

    I do feel that way lately, there are some people I really miss being with
  2. Jungle

    Write something nice about what you think about someone on this Forum

    Such a nice and original thing to say! I don't remember coming across this kind of threads on the forum. I'm feeling apprehensive about not mentioning enough members or forgetting about anyone. Many members I could mention in fact, most of which aren't active lately, a shoutout to those who...
  3. Jungle

    Very lonely :(

    This is quite normal :) , glad to see this is being of help. If it's a cold I think it'd soon recover, I personally had something happening with my skin during the lockdown, thinking it was Corona's doing. Given a lack of knowledge of all of its symptoms, anyone could get paranoid about...
  4. Jungle

    Very lonely :(

    Hello lily, it is good to see you back! You have been missed. This problematic situation has affected many over the course of last year I am afraid, both on a social and professional level. I am sorry to hear about the virus you contracted, what is it? You don't have to answer if you don't...
  5. Jungle

    Welcome back :)

    Welcome back :)
  6. Jungle

    Do you refrain from asking people questions?

    This sense of guilt of bothering others is common enough, there's less pressure when others voluntarily step in to help. I remember being asked the time by someone (away from where it could be seen), the guy felt the obligation to justify that his phone battery had died. This suggests that...
  7. Jungle

    Do you refrain from asking people questions?

    This sucks, if I didn't have my parents teach me things while growing up (before the internet became ubiquitous) I'd have hardly found out about that if not from classmates or the TV or books, but it's not the same as the internet where you get to hear everyone's version
  8. Jungle

    Do you refrain from asking people questions?

    For the adult part — are you referring to people in general being busy or to your parents? I find it rude and sad regardless of whoever that might be. You raise an interesting question about Google! How anxious would one in need of assurance be without Google? Suppose something's odd is going on...
  9. Jungle

    Do you refrain from asking people questions?

    Hello peeps, I was wondering if any of you perceived asking people questions – even to long-time acquaintances – as intrusive, prone to a poor interpretation or met by a Why-do-you-care reaction? Such a stance has been instilled into me as a kid. My parents would insist on me replying to...
  10. Jungle

    Post a picture of your shoes

    Here :)
  11. Jungle

    Are you a people pleaser?

    Having thought of myself as a people pleaser I share certain aspects with what is described on Urban Dictionary such as feeling inferior to others or attending to one's needs before my own. I think the former one stems from my values — striving to live humbly. While loathing those trying to...
  12. Jungle

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    Their eyes say it. I don't think people would be open enough to say to a random stranger this (s)he is weird. Kids that keep staring is also another sign.
  13. Jungle

    Post your favourite music

    Brings back some worriless period of my life!
  14. Jungle

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    I believe that people not knowing me would think the following of me: That I am an unintelligent person and naive; that I look suspicious and weird. I also get the twisted impression that my every move is being studied by people (especially in closed spaces like the metro or stores)...
  15. Jungle

    Drop One, Keep One Game

    Googled symptoms ;)
  16. Jungle

    Drop One, Keep One Game

    Rash decision
  17. Jungle

    What are the negative effect of recieving money you don't deserve?

    This feels like you are underestimating yourself or thinking that you are not worth it. Life is paying you back the money it might have taken away from you foolishly (subscriptions/memberships that went to waste that you didn't use, you spending money on something way more than it's supposed to...
  18. Jungle

    Hello FriendlyShadow, I sent you a PM

    Hello FriendlyShadow, I sent you a PM
  19. Jungle

    I Hate Men.

    As easy and instinctive lumping everyone together might feel, it's rarely a rational choice. I know how good and tempting it feels to let your emotions and personal experience dictate your behavior and outlook, but thankfully there are exceptions to everything, wonderful people exist, they're...
  20. Jungle

    How are u dealing with the pandemic and lockdowns?

    I wish people here were as orderly as Aussies, many don't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. In some parts of Paris – before open markets were banned – people would flock around without any consideration for safety, it's reported that many have been fined since the confinement took...