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  1. Luke1993

    Guess which famous person am I????

    See if you can work out who I am, I will give clues regularly until someone discovers my true idendity! Lets begin..... I have two eyes a nose. More clues to come soon!
  2. Luke1993

    What worries me about making friends...

    Is them finding out I have no friends! You see from what I understand, people have their established group and then meet people through their people gaining their network of friends. But how do I get friends from nothing? I made no friends at school so I cannot meet people through people. I...
  3. Luke1993

    Firefox 4

    Firefox prompted me to download the latest version, finally I caved.... God the address bar UNDER the tabs!? I still can't wrap my head around it...
  4. Luke1993

    Trash Can Ownership Auction

    Quiet down, quiet down please! Our next item is this beautiful Trash Can subforum of Social Phobia World. The winning bid claims all deeds to the Trash Can as well as any threads, posts or wealth said Trash Can may contain. Bidding will commence in Pounds Sterling. We will start the bid at 10...
  5. Luke1993


    Hello everyone. As I have read many topics here about dating and relationships, confidence seems to keep coming up as the no. 1 trait! Which is a shame since I and I'm sure lots of others here do not have enough confidence to be desirable. It's a really big problem for me. I can't think of any...
  6. Luke1993

    I just want to wish everyone here a happy 2011!

    The end of 2010 is upon us! Hopefully 2011 will be a great year, if not we will make it great! I'm sensing that this is our year. So enjoy the final hours of 2010, do something to treat yourself! Happy New Year SPW!
  7. Luke1993

    Help with internet...

    Hello. For those who don't know, this notebook I use is quite far from my wireless router. So I disconnect a lot! And it gets very annoying when I'm watching streamed videos like youtube! And also, there have been times where people have tried to talk to me with the mini messenger and I end up...
  8. Luke1993

    I come to the Trash Can with a poem.

    Red sky at night. Shepherd's delight. Red sky at morning. Shepherd's warning.
  9. Luke1993

    Question about the economy and money

    Okay, I'm not very well educated and know nothing about the economy and how it works, but I am going to take a risk and ask a question, please don't judge me, I just want to know the answer to this. So there has been a global recession around the world right? All I know is that it started with...
  10. Luke1993

    Post your dreams!

    Hello! I tried searching for a thread like this but could not find one. So, I thought I'd make it myself! It's 4am here and I just woke up from a dream, although I don't have them very often. So yeah what you do is post dreams that you have had, either recently or ones from years ago that...
  11. Luke1993

    Random question

    Okay this is going to sound very strange lol but y'know when you listen to music at different points in the day, do you find sometimes you hear it at different speeds? 90% of the time it's the same but, particularly at night when I listen to something it will sometimes sound slightly faster or...
  12. Luke1993

    Who thinks that HD and 3D are nothing more than overrated GIMMICKS! >:)

    hehe please tell me I'm not the only one in the world who believes this, people buying these HDTV's when it really doesn't make that much difference! What was wrong with the normal TV's? And 3D yeah it's alright but the cinemas slap a hefty fine on top of the ticket price. And I just saw an...
  13. Luke1993

    I was really worried yesterday!

    I came on this website and it said the domain is pending renewel or deletion and I was like NOOOOOO! I thought the webmaster might have packed his bags and abandoned this website and everything would be lost! Thankfully it didn't happen. Did anybody else get the same thing when they tried to get...
  14. Luke1993

    Just so you know!

    I don't thnk anybody would notice but I will be gone tomorrow for 8 days as my family is going on a cruise ship. We usually don't have enough money to go on holiday but a couple who my mother once worked for paid for some of it and we paid the rest. I naturally didn't want to go but it was...
  15. Luke1993

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finallly made it...

    I have now joined the ranks....OF THE ELITE USERS! :D All of my work and dedication has come to this! Over 1000 posts of pure brilliance from the man himself! haha apologies for my arrogance honestly im not like that really! Before you ask, yes im quite bored, that's why I'm creating this...
  16. Luke1993

    Getting to sleep

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post in because this isn't really SA medication, so feel free to move this if I got it wrong! What I wanted to talk about was getting to sleep! I can't ever seem to do it when I want to, it takes several hours and sometimes I don't even go to...
  17. Luke1993

    When will the record be broken?

    Ladies and gentlemen I'm talking about this! A lot of peeps online that's for sure, how long will it be before this record is smashed?
  18. Luke1993

    Question for Christians: What is God's real name?

    Is it Jehova or Yahweh? I've heard both being said to be "God's real name"
  19. Luke1993

    Do you have a mobile/cellular phone? If so, what do you have as a ringtone?

    Hello peeps! I have a mobile phone, in America I think you call them cell phones! Well I only really have mine if there was ever an emergency, I don't really call anyone on it, but what I'm getting at is do you have a ringtone on it? I always have mine to just vibrate because (this is gonna...
  20. Luke1993

    A question for the moderators...

    I see that a few people here have been banned. Am I allowed to ask why they have been banned, or is it strictly moderator/patient confidentiality? :D