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  1. JackOfSpades

    Both introverted and extraverted

    Can a person be both introverted and extraverted?
  2. JackOfSpades

    Unmotivated at home

    When I'm outside and thinking to myself I get all these great ideas of what I should start doing with my time and what things I should devote to. Sometimes the scenery makes me hopeful and dream of better things to come, if I push myself in certain directions... But then I get home and nothing...
  3. JackOfSpades

    Dreams. Image, hope and true self.

    Sometimes when I wake up I feel rejuvenated. This never happens if I'm waking up to immediately go somewhere, but if I'm waking up from a god nap lately, or sleeping through the night and waking up a few hours before work, I feel like a completely different person. Sometimes in the immediacy...
  4. JackOfSpades

    Does anyone else like going to the movies?

    So I saw a couple of good movies this year and realized I really liked going to the theater during the day. Firstly, it's much cheaper. Secondly, it can be virtually empty. And thirdly, I come out feeling like I just had a mini vacation before noon. I took a break for a few months and missed...