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    Do mindfulness work?

    Do mindfulness work for you?
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    do you ever wish that you lived in a different culture?

    Do anyone here feel like they do not fit into the culture which you where born but believe that your life would be better if you lived in a different culture? Like if you are a part of western culture but feel you would be happier within eastern culture? Would you prefer to live within another...
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    Hated by millions

    I feel like millions of people hate me because of the political party I support. I feel like millions of people hate me because of my race. I feel like millions of people hate me because I don't have a job and they believe that only losers don't work. I believe that millions of people hate me...
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    Like mindedness and relating to others...?

    Dose anyone have close friends that you share little or nothing in common with personality wise? Can you relate to or form a bond with someone that is completely different from yourself (with a different personality, different opinions and views and share no similar interests with you) ? Do you...
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    Intrusive Thourghts

    My OCD usually don't bother me that much but lately it has been bothering me a lot and I am suffering because of it. I know that this sounds weird but I just keep getting intrusive thoughts about the reality that I'm living in is not real, like I am not really setting here typing on the computer...
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    Would you still have SA if ....

    Do you think that you would still have social anxiety if we lived in a world where people were kinder to one another? May people with SA hate small talk, but would you still hate small talk if we lived in a world were you didn't have to worry about being mocked and ridiculed for saying...
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    An act of kindness

    The other day I as riding with my mother to my doctors appointment. my mother needed to stop and get gas, so we stopped at the gas station. My mother and I really didn't have much of any money but we managed to find two dollars worth of change. We didn't know if that was enough to get as much...
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    Anxiety caused by politics.

    It seems that lately politics in the U.S and the left vs. right thing have been causing me a great deal of anxiety. This is because there seem to be so much hatred and bitterness between the left and the right. I do not know if there is as much political unrest in other countries. I fear that...
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    Can you decide to be happy?

    Is it possible for someone to make a conscious decision to be happy, and succeed in making his or her self happy, even if s/he is in a unfortunate situation? Or is happiness something that can only happen when something good happen in our lives thus giving us something to be happy about?
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    Is SA rational?

    Do you think that SA is rational? Do you believe that it is reasonable for a person to fear and avoid social situations, considering that there are a lot of rude, mean or judgmental people in the world? Or do you believe that the fear of social situations is irrational? (by social...
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    Who's your favorite MCU superhero?

    Who's your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe avenger?
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    Are you a "what If," thinker?

    is there anyone else that often worry about bad things that can possibly happen in the future, even if there is no evidence that the bad thing will happen. But you just dwell on what if it happens? What if my plans go horribly wrong? What if something that is suppose to work don't workout...
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    Unintentional bad guy?

    disppointing other's Family and friends always want me to leave the house and go out and do things with them, but I always fail to do so. I always miss social events that are important to them. Sometimes they get disappointed or angry that I didn't come. I feel like I should be able to muster...
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    Do you need social validation to feel good about yourself?

    Would you still be able to feel good about yourself even if most other people thought of you as a worthless loser, or hated you? How much do you care about the opinions of people that don't like you? How much do they effect you?
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    What if a stranger insults you?

    What would you do if a stranger said something rude about you. A couple of years ago, I was walking back home form a store. I walked past a group of three guys. one of them looked at me and said that I walk like I have something stuck up my rear. then they all laughed. I almost had a panic attack.
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    what does a successful life mean to you?

    what do a successful life mean to you? what is an unsuccessful life?
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    can't handle conflict ?

    I have a lot of trouble with being assertive because I think that being assertive can lead to conflict I can't handle conflict. I can't handle someone being angry with me. and I guiltily about getting angry at others. I feel vary guiltily even if I mistakenly offend, anger or sadden someone...
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    Too empathetic ?

    I think that its great for people to be empathetic. But is it possible for a person to be too empathetic? If a person is constantly stressed or depressed about feeling the collective pain of every one he knows, is this taking empathy a bit too far. What about feeling guilty about living in a...
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    Are loners selfish?

    Does being a loner, or liking to spend most of your time alone, mean that your selfish?
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    does this mean I'm crazy....?

    I can't seem to relate to other people so I have created my own fantasy world and get most of my social interaction from imaginary people that I have created in my mind. I'm not schizophrenic or anything ,but I enjoy my fantasy world more than the real world and spend more of my time in it. I...