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  1. planemo

    Anyone else find it difficult to think good about themself?

    I don't know why, but it just seems very hard for me to think anything positive about myself. If someone compliments me, or is kind to me, or if someone smiles at me, I always dismiss it as undeserved. My mind never holds on to it. However if anyone is harsh or critical, I find it very hard to...
  2. planemo

    Does it ultimately boil down to Shame?

    Are all our shyness, low self esteem and anxiety problems just an extension of being ashamed of ourselves in some way? i feel it is for me. i've always been ashamed of myself, and then add in some very unfortunate physical, environmental and emotional characteristics and then you have a recipe...
  3. planemo

    Anyone else afraid to make the first move?

    The thing is i've been friendless for years now, and my only real life friend or something to that extent was my psychologist, but i've had to stop seeing her since she wanted me to become more social and join group therapy, and since there are others on the waiting list to see her. i have...
  4. planemo

    The Arrow (^/< /V) game

    it's a pretty easy game to play. just say something about the person the arrow is pointing to. the first arrow points to the person above you, the second points to yourself and the third, points to the person below you. you can say anything (as long as you stick to the rules of the forum). ^...
  5. planemo

    Anyone been to group therapy?

    Does anyone have any experience of group therapy? I'm thinking of going into it, but surprise, surprise i'm as scared as hell... :oh:
  6. planemo

    I can never do anything right

    Something I've noticed a lot in my life, is that people who are supposedly similar to you, by whatever circumstance tend to show less sympathy towards you when doing nothing. Teachers in primary school who were of same race and ethnicity, and social status - hated me, despite me not doing...
  7. planemo

    Bravado vs Shyness

    I really don't seem to have much bravado at all. Maybe it's the opposite of shyness. I've been wondering if it's something essential, a characteristic of the social, successful types? It seem seems wrong for me, to show any real confidence in myself, well maybe not wrong, perhaps unnatural is a...
  8. planemo

    Family Tormentors

    Anyone else have them? I've had many including some from my immediate family and extended family (relatives). I know one particular cousin loved associating me with a particular derogatory term, a few others discuss my avoidance with other people and laugh about it, and another cousin (who knows...
  9. planemo

    Guys, do you feel your shyness...

    makes you less of a man? I mean this in the sense of being assertive and in being able to fulfill positions of authority and leadership. I can never imagine myself being a leader, only a follower. I'm too afraid to talk to people, heck i'm afraid of just knowing they are there, and i have never...
  10. planemo

    Make a caption thread

    Thought it would be nice to use a bit of humour to describe some pictures. The game is pretty simple, just post a pic (that's not against the rules of the site and preferably without a caption). Then the person below will quote the pic and make a caption for it as well as posting his own pic...
  11. planemo

    world cup fantasy - anyone???

    world cup fantasy (game) - anyone??? well it's probably a long shot, but if anyone is interested in starting a fantasy cricket team at you can pm me and we can start a league.
  12. planemo

    "It's all in your head"

    I'm sure many of us are used to people telling us "it's all in your head". The problem is that I don't dispute this, I agree totally that it's all in my head. If it wasn't, I would have the same perception and experiences like others who don't seem to have something wrong going on in their...
  13. planemo

    Word association game

    just post a word that associates with the word above. (eg. I post the word "sea" the next person will post the word "blue" and so on) I'll start... Tree
  14. planemo

    Neighbours. How well do you know them?

    I don't know them at all, basically. Once a neighbour came to my house, and while she was speaking to my mum I heard her say "your oldest son, i haven't seen him." Yeah I like to be invisible, which is very atypical in my world.:rolleyes:
  15. planemo

    Anyone gonna watch the Autumn internationals?

    If you're wondering what i'm referring to it's the upcoming (rugby) tours of the UK by New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.
  16. planemo

    Why are you depressed at the moment?

    I thought it would be nice to start a thread so that we could explain what it is that is possibly bugging us, or making us feel a little down or very upset. So just state what it is that is making you feel depressed. For me at the moment it is my lack of a social life (or any life for that...
  17. planemo

    No social life = No life???

    Well I pretty much have no life to speak of. I'm bored most of the time, and throughout my life I never had fun on my days off (weekends and holidays). I just spend my time at home watching tv. I never get exposed to anything enjoyable especially involving other people. No eating out, no movies...
  18. planemo

    Do you ever feel...

    that life/existence/conscience (whatever you wanna call it) rewards people who are outgoing, confident and secure? While it punishes people who are insecure, tentative and lack self confidence.::(: I mean one thing I have noticed is that people who are self assured usually seem to get things...
  19. planemo

    Rate your shyness on a scale from 1 - 10

    Just wondering how others perceive their shyness. So on a scale from 1 - 10, how would you rate yours. 1 being minimal and 10 being severe. For me most of my life it was a 10, however I think it may be at 7 now, since I am on meds. How about you?
  20. planemo

    world cup predictor

    If anyone is interested in playing a predictor game for the world cup, i set up a private league for all members of this site called "socialphobiaworldcup". Just go to and register. After that go to the world cup predictor and register to play the game. if you've done that you can msg...