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    Embarassed about being home every weekend night

    Unfortunately I live with roommates. I actually like one of them a lot. I just feel really self-conscious about being home every weekend night. My husband works all the time so counting he's like my only friend, I'm basically here all the time at night. I actually like it; I don't comfortable...
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    What does it mean when your sisters..

    ..don't respond to your e-mails until weeks, or sometimes months later? (At best, a week?) I sent an email to one of my sisters back in july, and she just responded to it a couple days ago. We have talked in between that time here and there. Also, the other day I sent her an email asking her...
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    What's your favorite type of weather?

    I love rain and overcast days. Now that I moved to Texas and there has been a rainy past couple days (it's usually sunny and hot) I realize how much I miss Maryland because it rains more there. I used to love walking in the forest when it rained. Here the trees aren't nearly as tall, and I'm not...
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    Hate being friendly

    Do you ever find it difficult to be friendly to people, especially if you feel resentful to them? Right now I heard that my annoying roommate brought some person..or people in to my house. One of them (if there are two, not sure) is an annoying sound totally white and preppy guy. I have nothing...
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    Alone once again..

    Hi all, I don't expect this thread to muster many responses, but just wanted to reflect on my current situation at the university I just transferred to. I've felt like an outsider in most school settings for the past several years, and feel it once again. I transferred from a community...
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    shared house

    My mother, in all her infinite wisdom, has decided to buy a house in the area where she wants to move, and while she's still home sorting things out halfway across the country, she's put me in the position of landlady. She suggested i go to a school here, etc, which I have started. This has...
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    Job Interview

    Hi all, I recently moved and have been looking for a part-time job. I'm going to be going to school in a month full time but I've realized I really do need the money. I was surprised that Chipotle called me back, especially since I put weekends/Friday nights only just because I wasn't sure...
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    Roommates~how to find other shy people..?

    So I've started living in a house that's owned by my mother..well her boyfriend really. & I have to find two tenants. My boyfriend lives here with me right now. I'm really worried about the situation, though I've been proactive and created an ad on craigslist and made a flyer to hang up. My...
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    Impending feeling of doom/evil spirits

    I know this may sound ridiculous, but I have been having these horrible feelings lately, not so much that something bad is going to happen, but that I especially and no one else is truly safe from this underworld of evil that exists underneath all the fakeness. Like although I may pretend to try...
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    Help! How to stop an attraction towards another man

    Okay, so I've been in a relationship for almost 3 years now (3 in September) and I love my boyfriend very much. We have a good relationship, and have talked about getting married one day. But the past couple days I've been feeling this attraction towards this other boy who works at the job I...
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    Why are people only nice when I clean??

    At home, at a child, now... why?
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    Temporarily Living at my Uncle's House

    So since Tuesday my mom, my boyfriend, our two dogs and one cat and I have been living at my uncle's house. hopefully my boyfriend and I will be moving soon to Texas though. Not sure when exactly. I feel very uncomfortable living at my uncle's house. My boyfriend and I, plus all three of our...
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    Anxiety about class

    -I do well in Spanish, but I find that I often feel I do poorly speaking in class b/c of lack of confidence & concentration. And I get nervous, especially when speaking in foreign language. But I have made a relationship with the professor, and have gotten good grades. The theme for the...
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    Speaking in front of class..

    In foreign language! Just had another Spanish presentation, which I feel terrible about. Other presentations in the past were fine because I mostly just read to the class, but this.... The requirement was that we are supposed to form the class in groups & then walk around and check on their...
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    If you only had 6 months to live..

    I guess sometimes we get so caught up with feelings of anxiety & worry that we aren't really doing what we want in life. If you learned from that you only had say 6 months to live, what would you do before you die? I know this is sort of a cliché question, but it came into my head today...
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    Do you have a spirit animal

    For me is the bear. I don't know I just feel this special connection to them and how they live. They're solitary, strong, hidden power.. It's kind of like the bear from Legends of the Fall lol. Once I wrote a poem about how I was like bear.
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    Job mix up need advice

    Okay, I come here today because everyone on here probably has the same issues with anxiety as I do and no one in my life quite understands my obsessions because they don't deal with anxiety. Meaning I'm probably obsessing over this too much but I can't help it. This is long but please read and...
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    illegal immigration status?

    Hi all, I have a bit of a problem that's been causing some anxiety with me. I want to go to a school in Texas next fall, and I live in Maryland. My boyfriend and I have been together 2 and a half years, and I want him to come with me. He wants to come too because he likes Texas too and wants...
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    Left out?

    Do you ever see certain individuals, not all, but some, who seem to not like you/want to talk to you then you see them talking to lots of other people at your job or whatever? What makes them *click* and what makes them not seem to like you? Like at first, you think they're shy like you, but...
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    How many real friends do you have?

    Not like acquaintances that you talk to at work or school but people you actually have the phone numbers of, etc. I realized today after this other girl dipped out on me my only real friend is my boyfriend, and that made me feel pretty lonely. I mean, I talk to other people at my job and...