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  1. vj288

    What book are you currently reading?

    Just finished this one On to this one!
  2. vj288

    Ban the person above you.

    Banned for setting off more than just metal detectors. :oops:
  3. vj288

    I am so depressed

    I think your rationale is right here, as another person who frequently falls victim to foot-in-the-mouth syndrome, I find it usually is a result of me trying to say something in a more clever or interesting way. Usually, if I feel the need to say something in a more clever or interesting way it...
  4. vj288

    Yea... what song/s?

  5. vj288

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    What would the treatment for Xenomorph in the chest do you think? I checked webMD but it didn't help. Maybe if we put you through the same procedure as Deadpool you could develop a healing factor that would fix the impending giant-hole-in-your-chest. But then Sylar might hear about it and start...
  6. vj288

    Post your favourite music

    I could listen to this for days
  7. vj288

    Comic Strip Thread!

  8. vj288

    Comic Strip Thread!

  9. vj288

    Comic Strip Thread!

  10. vj288

    How are you feeling?

    This may be something you've done, but have you communicated these feelings? I ask because I can see how it could seem like one of those things you shouldn't have to say, but people aren't mind readers and aren't always aware of the impact their actions (or lack of action) has on a person. If...
  11. vj288

    New Year's resolution!

    Before I dive into my Resolutions for this year, I wanted to reflect on my resolutions from previous years and whether or not I accomplished them. From 2017, I think I started the year with a goal to write everyday, which I did accomplish. Unfortunately I didn't write down the resolutions, but...
  12. vj288

    how does your depression feel metaphorically

    It's like a storm. I wanted to just say the weather, but that's not quite right, it's too general. Depression is the weather advisories, with the worst of them being the gusty winds that blow the rain sideways with deafening thunder and lightening catching the trees on fire, or the blizzard the...
  13. vj288

    Just a feel good post

    At first I was confused why anyone would want wild raccoons running around outside their house in the middle of the night and going through their garbage, but relative to giant man-eating spiders from Australia I guess they are pretty cute :P
  14. vj288

    Post your favourite music

    Give me a week and I'll have post every song from this album, which all appear to have music videos :D
  15. vj288

    Hi everyone, talk to me!

    I tend to joke a lot through my posts, so when I have a more serious point to make I try to be more serious, and I can understand how that can be unfriendly, my intention was to be helpful though. And I hope I didn't make you feel unwelcome, you're of course welcome to post your thoughts and...
  16. vj288

    How are you feeling?

    I don't want to speak for Blue, but I think its common for her to go through cycles like this. I'm paraphrasing here but I remember her saying in the past something along the lines of when she feels like she's online too much, she goes offline for awhile. If I explained that poorly she can...
  17. vj288

    Hi everyone, talk to me!

    What exactly do you mean by support? Loner just listed off a good list of possible activities, including specifically what she does (participate in sport). Personally, that's something I would put under support. It's offering her solution to a problem it sounds like you might be having. If...
  18. vj288

    how are you feeling? (in music)

    What, you don't like the whole band face tree thing they got going on? :LOL:
  19. vj288

    rate the last film you watched

    Sphere - 1/10 Michael Crichton, known for writing great books such as Timeline and Airframe, producing the award winning series ER, and directing films such as Westworld and Twister. Westworld may sound familiar as it was the inspiration for the current TV series, and of course the most know...