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  1. LLLady

    Self help book

    Someone posted a self help book on here once before I can't seem to find it now, Does anyone know what it was called I have problems with Panic Attacks. Thanks
  2. LLLady

    Am I the ?

    Oldest person here ? I'm 48. I have pretty much had problems my whole life and never knew what it was until one year ago after having a very bad Panic attack and having to go to the E.R. that's when I found out what was going on with me :( I was having 1 very bad attack a month for 4 months in...
  3. LLLady

    Do you Myspace ...

    My myspace ....
  4. LLLady

    10 panic attacks today

    They were not really bad mostly small ones a few med ones but they are still scary and it's freaking me out because why so many ??? Went to ER tonight, they say it's nothing physical causing them I need to seek therapy but how do I do this when there's no cash to pay for it :mad: Thanks
  5. LLLady

    Have smaller attacks but more often

    I need help/advise. is there something I can take to prevent Panic attacks? i mean that I should talk to my Doctor about, I have Xanax but i only use it if I'm feeling like I'm in a situation that may cause a Panic attack. But they come on so fast most of the time. There must be something that...
  6. LLLady

    Hello everyone I'm new here

    I'm Lady 47 year old mom and grandma just 3 weeks ago I had what they were calling a panic attack Then again last night I had another one, this one was worse I blacked out for some of it. THese are my symptoms First I feel like it's a little hard to breath then my face gets really hot and...