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  1. LeeAnne

    oh the irony :-o

    I think I just figured out why I am a social phobe. I was in a group of social phobes, and it was like there were certain members with issues, who just did not understand the art of containment. By containment I mean when you have an issue that bothers with another person, instead of obsessing...
  2. LeeAnne

    A Bad Day at the Cafe

    I am having some problems with social phobia. I would say I have had problems with social phobia for a long time, but lately it feels worse, and like it dominates my life. I went to the cafe today and couldn't sit in front of people. I got scared. I can rationally tell myself no one is looking...
  3. LeeAnne

    The Fear of Sitting Face to Face

    I hate personal closeness. I still am a little phobic about eating and drinking in public. Restaurant dates are chores for me. I force myself to go out. I'm trying to change my routine a little to knock out the fear a little. I had a panic attack, and developed severe GAD a little while back...
  4. LeeAnne

    could I have OCD or PTSD?

    My boyfriend has a mild form of OCD- where he likes order, and it causes him some anxiety, but it's more like he can't leave dirty dishes in the sink and fears contamination. I on the other hand will repeat things over and over again in my head. For instance, here is one unpleasant thought...
  5. LeeAnne

    Panic at the Hairdresser's

    I wish I wasn't scared to get my hair cut. I used to love getting my hair cut, now it frightens me to sit in a chair and be stared at. I panicked at a hairdressers recently. I started to shake, and it was like I blanked out. The atmosphere of the place was not great. Music was blaring, and the...
  6. LeeAnne


    I have social phobia to an extent that seeing family makes me anxious. I have trouble at work but for the most part I get by. I think trauma plays a large part in why I am phobic. I've been through a bunch of diagnosis but none of them really offered any true guidance for treatment; they were...