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  1. Tab

    Been A While

    Can't remember the last time I was on here, maybe a year ago or so. I just wanted to vent and have someone listen to what I have to say. I've been having a really ****ty last few months. I stopped taking my meds and I drink a hell of a lot. I'm constantly depressed. I have no motivation to...
  2. Tab

    Been a While

    Hey guys whats up?? It's been a while since I last posted. Everyday I think of this site and all the ppl who struggle with this illness. You guys are all like family. Anyway, I've been through soo much in the last few weeks. I've recently accepted myself as gay and come out to my best buddies...
  3. Tab

    I'm Back

    Its been quite a while since I've been here. I felt like checkin in on the old group see how everyone is doin. I'm doing ok. Better than I was a year ago I suppose, not that I haven;t been on here for a year lol. Meds really help me with the anxiety and I actually feel like I am making progress...
  4. Tab

    Kind of Ashamed

    I've been debating with myself to post this here but I feel like I got nothing to lose so here it is: I'm pretty sure I am gay. I've never been with either a man or woman but I feel more attracted to men than women. I'd rather watch gay porn than straight. It's really getting to me. I haven't...
  5. Tab


    I started my old job from last year again today. It wasn't too bad I guess. I was still really nervous to go back but when I got there I felt a bit better. Manager is still an idiot though!
  6. Tab

    Last night

    Me and a buddy went to my cousin's house. His parents were out of town unitil late and he was trying to get people to come over and have a 'party' I'd say it was more of a get together. So anyway, after everyone else was there (about 10 including me) We were all drinking outside. It wasn't too...
  7. Tab


    I haven't been on here in a bit. Few weeks now. I used to come on a couple times a day but I stopped for some reason. I've been trying to find myself you know? looking to see what I want out of life and who I really am, I think my meds have helped a lot and I can finally do things I never could...
  8. Tab


    Last night I woke up at least 3 times to find my blankets and pillow covered in sweat. Its not the first time this has happened. My room isn't too hot or cold, and I seem to sweat no mater what. I thought it might be from drinking for a long time, but last night I didn't drink for a few days and...
  9. Tab

    Weird Feelings

    People have most likely posted on this before but today I finally was able to put a name to these feelings I sometimes have. Its usually at night and I get these feelings of dread toward tomorrow or sometime in the near future. Its like I feel something bad is going to happen to me. I really...
  10. Tab

    People don't get it!!

    I posted something similar like this but now its kind of a different problem. My god damn mother and father keep yelling at me to go back to my old work. My old manager called me last thursday and left a message saying she wanted to talk to me. Anyway my mother keeps saying YOU BETTER GO THERE...
  11. Tab

    In a Pickle

    Today my old work called asking for me to come back. They left a message on the answering machine and my father listened to it and now him and my mother are riding my ass to go back there and work. Here's the scenario, last year when I quit my manager told me to come back in march (of 09) to...
  12. Tab

    Good Deed

    Yesterday I was at the gas station walkin inside to buy some smokes. Anyway, there was a guy comin out just before I got to the door, and was parked right by the door, I saw 5 bucks on the ground (could have been more since it was folded up). So I saw it and picked it up and asked the guy if he...
  13. Tab

    My younger cousin

    Today he bought a 2006 charger for around 15 grand. I'm actually jealous cause of it. I've got $1500 to my name only cause I worked last summer. He works with his dad, I don't have that luxury so I got my mother riding my ass 24/7 about getting a job. It's frustrating! I hate it. I need to find...
  14. Tab

    Am I different?

    I'm 20, I want a relationship. Is it weird to want to be only with one girl? I wanna start a family one day soon, I wanna have kids. I just wanna be with someone who understands me and I can be myself with. I dont know if I will find anyone, but I've told myself if I dont find anyone by my late...
  15. Tab

    Can't deal with today

    So its my first day back at school having the last week off. I have a test today and I'm feeling really really nervous. I've not been getting good marks this year and I really want to do good. I didn't study over my break, go figure, and on top of that I'm feeling really anxious today. I haven't...
  16. Tab

    Last Night

    So last night I was pretty damn bored. I drove my brother to my cousins so they could hang out. Then I wanted to find out where my other cousin was since he didn't answer my texts the whole day so I drove out to his gf's to see if his car was there, nope, so I went to his house, nope. My other...
  17. Tab

    What do you do?

    What do you do when your bored? I either drink or smoke weed. I'm bored all the time and I wanna know what other people do to try and get rid of the boredom.
  18. Tab

    Completely Relaxed

    Since last Friday I've smoked a joint every night. Its now Wednesday night and for the past 2 days I've felt completely at ease with everything. The only down fall I feel like not doing much. I still have some energy but I'd much rather just sit watching tv than going places. Oh and I haven't...
  19. Tab


    I've been getting high and drunk. I love being high, it gets me out of my boring life. and being drunk provides hours of entertainment. I get high with a couple buddies and its awsome, but I usually drink alone. I know I am starting to push it a little. In the mornings I wake up kinda shaking...
  20. Tab


    Anyone know what they are like? My cousin wants me to do them with him. I wanna know what its like and should I? :confused: