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    My progress-Rate

    delete this please
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    Children with social anxiety are perceived less attractive.

    Research finds children with social phobia are judged less attractive - Newsroom - Macquarie University Well,that explains alot. :/
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    How should i dye my hair?

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    Ban the person above you.

    Just a game,say "^Banned for "reason" don't be too rude,no insults and disrespecting please. (I copied this from another site xD )
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    I need some help :<

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    Compliment the person above you.

    Title says it all,give the person above you a compliment,something personal not random,compliment their avatar,signature,their looks,personality,etc. I dunno why this thread hasn't been done before here. :D
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    Should I get plastic surgery ? Opinions wanted

    Hey everyone,I'm kinda new around,i've decided to make this thread to ask for opinions. =D I'm 16 year old and I have a receding chin wich makes my nose look big,I've hated and considered myslef ugly because of it,and this obsession has been hunting me since I was 12. So,can ya guys please rate...