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  1. dpr

    My-Girlfriend-Could-Die Blues (Song)

    Wow, it has been a really long time since I have posted anything on here :) I hope everyone is doing well! I wrote this song about my intrusive thoughts...
  2. dpr

    you have to do it

    You have to take the plunge You have to forget what you used to be, what you might possibly be, what you currently are, because those are just stories you have told yourself. You have to be vigilant. You have to stay on top of your intrustive thoughts. Getting better won't erase your...
  3. dpr

    Selling Fischer MD-1A Galvanic Unit... Best Offer takes it!

    I am selling my Fischer MD-1A Galvanic Unit for Iontophoresis treatment. The machine is hardly used, and in great condition. Comes with machine, trays, connectors and manual, just like I bought it. I originally bought it for around $1000 but I will take the best offer I get. I am moving in...
  4. dpr

    gf just dumped me after 6 years

    she said we need to "take a break" (we all know what that means) because i have a crappy job, am 33 years old, in debt and still live at home with my parents. i have the crappy job and the debt because of my SP. in the past i had jobs that paid much better but had to quit because of my SP. i...
  5. dpr

    Revenge of the Introvert

    Revenge of the Introvert | Psychology Today I really like this article.
  6. dpr

    Has anyone tried smoking passion flower or drinking it as a tea?

    I have been reading about passion flower tea and passion flower smokable herb as a way to reduce anxiety symptoms. Has anyone here tried either method? If so, where did you get it and what was your experience? Thanks.
  7. dpr

    Metric's song "Help, I'm Alive"

    Am I reading too much into this because of my condition, or is this song about SP? "I tremble They're gonna eat me alive If I stumble They're gonna eat me alive Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer Beating like a hammer Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer Hard to be...
  8. dpr

    "Platonic" by me

    you're real, you're safe you've got my back you're grounded, and with you i'm on the right track you're loving, you're giving you make me feel good you understand me like i thought no one could emotions attack when i think about her she's reckless and ****ed up a mean drunk for sure she's...
  9. dpr

    Ads on SPW?

    Wow, I just read a thread about dreading Valentine's Day, and right in the middle of the original post was a great big eyesore of a GOOGLE AD! "Don't miss out on Valentine's Day! Buy your <insert ridiculous product here> today!" Do we really need ads on a website catering to people with...
  10. dpr

    please help, girlfriend is in danger, don't know what to do

    So I worry a lot about everything, but most of it is about bad things happening to my family and loved ones. My girlfriend has a shitty family who don't really communicate with her, but they are not the worst family in the world and I think they care about her at least a little bit, but she has...
  11. dpr

    looking at people from the corner of your eye

    Does anyone else have a kind of compulsion to do this? I do it a lot when I ride buses (one of the main reasons I drive a car). I sit down and get this feeling that people are staring at me, so I look at them from the corner of my eye to make sure they're not staring at me. What sucks is that...
  12. dpr

    "voice gone, can't speak" by me

    voice gone, can't speak tonight i know i'll never get to sleep tonight went out with you for a bite to eat tonight but you couldn't sit still in your seat tonight i hope you don't say what i know you'll say "i don't think i can just let it go" you'll say and i'll reel myself in so the pain won't...
  13. dpr

    co-worker blushing issue

    So I was at work and I'm in this room and I'm busy concentrating on something and one of my co-workers knocks on the window of the door and I kind of jump, cuz I didn't think anyone was watching me through the window (anyone else get this? Easily startled?) Anyway, I feel my face get hot and I...
  14. dpr

    "Brace Yourselves" by me

    they're crazy, their minds are like puddles of space my fake smile is fading, it slides off my face his eyes shine vacantly, not giving way to complexities i analyze every day they're perfectly happy to let themselves go ignore every problem, they try hard to show they're secure, but really...
  15. dpr

    going out for hallowe'en!

    Happy Hallowe'en everybody! I'm going out with the girlfriend and her friend (who I've only met once before). First social outing in a long time. I have no idea what to talk about. ah well, wish me luck! :?
  16. dpr

    If you woke up tomorrow without SA/SP, what would you do?

    If you woke up tomorrow without SA/SP, what would you do? How would you want your future to play out? Just curious. I would like to someday take out a loan and open a music school in the city where I currently live, and then maybe buy a house further away from the city, like in the country...
  17. dpr

    the pink elephant technique?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of the pink elephant technique or something similar for intrusive thoughts, because it helped me a bit with mine and made me feel a lot better about my OCD. Almost normal. I saw my therapist about my OCD. I've had OCD I think all my life to varying degrees...
  18. dpr

    anyone have a HUGE relapse? pls respond

    starting a new topic is weird... anyway, has anyone seen Ghost World, where the girl says she wants to pack up and move away in the middle of the night and leave everyone she knows behind and never see them ever again? i feel like that. i have been seeing a therapist for the past few years and...
  19. dpr

    boom goes the dyamite

    My apologies if this has been posted already. I searched in keywords and couldn't find it. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that it's not as bad as it seems. Whatever awkward situations you may have found yourself in this week, at least this didn't happen...
  20. dpr

    (Seriously) Does anyone else's dick tingle w/ iontophoresis?

    This is a serious post, I'm not kidding around, though I admit it's a funny topic. But really... I do iontophoresis with the Fischer MD-1A and whenever I go past like 10ma, I feel a tingling sensation in the tip of my penis. Right near the peehole. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?