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  1. Hoth

    Moving on

    [didn't mean this post to offend -- delete please]
  2. Hoth

    December 27th

    Reminder to those who don't keep close track of holidays: today is national flakeybark day.
  3. Hoth

    Bay area gathering: July 12th

    Sorry for posting this with so little notice, but I'd expected responses from another social anxiety forum (guess I underestimated my ability to repulse) and there doesn't seem to be much of a bay area population here. But anyhow, to quote what I posted over there...
  4. Hoth

    For sale

    Time and attention of one socially phobic geek (will negotiate quantity later). Relates best to people with no life/meatspace-friends/relationships. Hardly used, low mileage. Clean interior, minor blemishes on exterior. Runs well when approached by people. $0 obo. Must sell quickly. PM for details.
  5. Hoth

    Bad Morning

    A week or so ago I tried out a new coping experiment. I was tired of how nerve-wracking it is to encounter people going the opposite direction when I walk around the lake. It's scary because I worry they'll say something and I'll offend them by freezing up or even responding awkwardly. The...
  6. Hoth

    Meditation on a Leaf Blower

    The leaf blower picked away at my brain, slowly and surely, like a chisel. It was a Friday like any other Friday. I sat entrapped in my apartment as the beast circled below for hours. I turned up the volume on my noise-canceling headphones, but it was no good, the whir remained incessant in the...
  7. Hoth

    A short walk

    Forget socializing. I'm trying to refocus myself on simpler things which it might actually be possible to learn to cope with better. Take the fears I encounter when I go for a walk around the neighborhood. Primarily, there's the fear of walking by someone on the street... my mind is racing...
  8. Hoth

    The Void and The Machine

    Author's note: this is my autobiography, abstracted to the basics. The visible world was a thin, uniform fog above a featureless surface. In the middle lay a single blemish, a human head. Barely perceptible was the body attached to it, clothed in white against the white backdrop. The man lay...