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  1. Courtney27S

    Being Published??

    Writing has always been a big passion of mine, and really the only thing I want to make a career out of. My favorite is poetry, but I also write prose. I've been working on a series of poems that I hope to turn into a book of eventually. And after that, I want to have it published. :praying...
  2. Courtney27S

    That GIANT four-letter word..

    LOVE.. what is it, exactly? :idontknow: Okay, I know what it means to love a family member or a friend, because I experience that all the time. But when it comes to a romantic relationship, how do you know you are in love with the person, as opposed to just being close friends? And also, do you...
  3. Courtney27S

    Odd eating habits?

    Okay, so I guess I should start of by saying that I have SA and depression (and probably OCD) that have all gotten a lot worse within the past two weeks (with the start of college). During this time, I've started to change how often and how much I eat, depending on how depressed I feel, and...