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    hope its not a repeat, found this vid, hope the link works Eredicane is a Successful Cure for the Embarrassment of Facial Blushing/Redness - YouTube
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    Do you blush at night?

    Do you blushers go red at night, like outside in the dark? Do you go red at very poorly lit places where you know your redness won't be seen? Probably not. The reason is because you know your redness won't be seen so you have confidence, and can talk and act like everyone else. This is why I...
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    Fellow blusher back.

    Hi all. I haven't logged in for years. I've tried all sorts of things, sometimes my symptoms were reduced. I downloaded a cure for a blushing file online and it helped a little, for a while. I firmly believe its all in the mind. I find if I'm outside at night, my chances of blushing is zero...
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    Hi guys and girls, I copied and pasted an article on botox for blushers. I did do a search here for this, but only found 3 unrelated topics. I have absolutley no idea if it works, but my guess is its tempory, needing constant renewing as the botox is absorbed into the body. All I know is botox...
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    Who to blame?

    I heard a 2 hour self help audio on overcoming your blushing problems and it more or less explains no one is to blame but ourselves. Its very indepth, and reveals the deep problem from all aspects, and offers some great tips. The bottom line is, we care too much about what others think of us...
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    Hi to all fellow blushers. I'm wondering about your opinions on not just one remedy, but a combination of remedies, and if you believe they may be more effective. I hear a little on diet, and more specificallly caffeine. I hear a little about various vitamin supplements like magnesium together...
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    Oh at last!!

    Wrestling with blushing problems has been a daily problem for me thats gradually taking over my life. Now in my late 30's, I can't believe I have only just found out about this type of forum. I stumbled on it by accident, after clicking on a link titled ''blushing problems'' in which I paid $45...