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  1. Tinkertoes

    I'm really, really stuck here :/

    Okay: I have this friend im close to, and we go to the football games and hang, she the locker above me, and she the person right in front of me in most of my classes. Here lately she's punched me hard a couple times when she got mad at me... Tonight, at the game, she punched me in the stomach...
  2. Tinkertoes

    Post your Favorite Quotes!

    It doesnt matter if its from an anime to a movie made 60 years ago! Just post ya favorite quotes! Mine: "If i wore a tie, it wouldn't change who i am. If i had no piercings, it wouldnt mean im nice. And if my hair was black it wouldnt stop me from kicking your A**!" -Hatsuharu Sohma (BLack...
  3. Tinkertoes

    I had a suckish day? Do we all have days like this? Probably. "Friends" suck.

    I had a suckish day? Do we all have days like this? Probably. "Friends" suck. So call friends annoy me. I think this one has issues. Friends all happy one day, Won't talk to me the next. I know you people are thinking "who cares? Get over it" Well you know what i hafta say to you "BITE ME." Cuz...
  4. Tinkertoes

    I'm new but...

    I have a whole lot to say! I may be mean. I may be friendly. I may be helpful. I may complain for no reason! I may be alot of things. But dont count me out because im new. I want to help. I want to write how i feel. I want to be engaged in conversations. I want to be alot of things. I try to...
  5. Tinkertoes

    What if you are good with your friends but you dont fit in?

    My friends are Goth, Scene, Emo, Anit-Preps, Etc I'm..well..tried but failed at all of those. I was an anti for a while but.. not much hope with my wardrobe and attitude. I have a total "Prep" attitude...and i LUV pink!! My friends dont seem to mind. Kinda. But i feel so...wrong. Like i'm not...
  6. Tinkertoes

    Where do you find insperation?

    I love to write. Novels mostly. But i want to write poems. I have no insperation for them. Any advice??