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    Blackberry Messenger

    Anyone have BBM? If anyone wants to share their pins for people to add ...
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    My secret addiction...

    The Big Bang Theory.... I think I'm a little addicted to this show, there's never anything on TV so I watch this show over and over. What shows keep you going? :)
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    Share your poems?

    Thought it would be nice to share poems? Mine are simple, ill post them when i log on my laptop as im using my ipad atm and its annoying for long posts. :mad:
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    Loosing ya mind?

    Is it just me that feels like im loosing my mind when im having a bad anxiety attack??
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    How old are you..

    I like looking at statistics .. Lol
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    Random Q

    This is probably the most random question ever but here goes,if you got amnesia would you forget you had anxiety?