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    Iontophoresis partially working.

    I see.. When I'm stressed my armpits drip. Iontophoresis definitely helps but it's weird that small things like fidgeting with my hands will make them moist I think I just gotta live with it I don't mind some moisture but I'm afraid of dripping and being clammy all time. Right now I can't do...
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    Hello, I just underwent ETS

    Truly this HH is a curse. Looks like the surgery was a failure you shouldn't even have had the slight dampness after surgery.. and the other side effects you experienced messed up your life it seems to me. I hope you're better now. I was considering the surgery for summer but now the...
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    Iontophoresis partially working.

    Hi two months ago I bought an Iontophoresis machine that I used on my feet and hands for two weeks everyday at 15mA for hands and 20mA for feet and what to say it reduced the sweating I started doing maintenance treatments after that twice a week. The thing is people claim that it...