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  1. Pookah

    Space: The final frontier.

    God I love any and all things relating to space. Stole this from a facebook friend. Its video of earth from space station. Lightning from above! Gets my brain and imagination going. Japanese "Tourist Camera" In Space Snaps Lightning & Auroras |
  2. Pookah

    Happy Hurricane!

    I may have bought into the hysteria. Is everyone prepared? And yes a hurricane up here in the northeast, even cat 1, is a problem because of how we flood and trees coming down.
  3. Pookah

    How was everyone's earthquake?

    We got tremors in South Jersey, at work in a large warehouse the stacks/metal shelving were shaking from top to bottom.
  4. Pookah

    Images for T-Shirts

    I just got a little pack of inkjet transfer paper. I have some different shirts. Cobalt blue, heather gray, black, teal. Now its time to decide what pictures to put on them! Here's some ideas I had. Surprise, its almost all manga/anime. Post pics of shirts you would like to make too!
  5. Pookah

    New data on amygdala connections/activity of those with SAD vs control group.

    PLoS ONE: Altered Effective Connectivity Network of the Amygdala in Social Anxiety Disorder: A Resting-State fMRI Study Abstract: The amygdala is often found to be abnormally recruited in social anxiety disorder (SAD) patients. The question whether amygdala activation is primarily abnormal and...
  6. Pookah

    New Tires = Ordeal?

    I swear every time I leave the house something goes wrong in spectacular sitcomy fashion. I finally saved enough to replace my tires. So today I prepared myself to go out into the world (go to Sears auto center at the mall.) When I got there at first it went pretty smoothly. Except the little...
  7. Pookah

    Suggest Halloween Music

    I have a Halloween playlist on my computer. I play it when we have a party/for the trick or treaters on Halloween. Looking to update it a bit. Anyone have suggestions for atmospheric music? Here are some examples: YouTube - Orochimaru theme song YouTube - VtM Redemption OST - Prague Ardan...
  8. Pookah

    How did you meet your significant other?

    For those with social anxiety/phobia who are in relationships, how did you meet you partner? Just curious to see how the SA was overcome in order to meet somebody....get some idea of the most frequent method.
  9. Pookah

    Gamers: Post your screenshots!

    Post your own screenshots or screenshots you like from your games. Creepy Malkavian house from Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Vincent Valentine as Chaos. (Dirge of Cerberus) My elf Loremaster. The shire.
  10. Pookah

    Imagine you have unlimited money. Post what you would do!

    I got the idea from The Introvert's thread and MandyMouse. I am nothing if not materialistic. This is what I posted.
  11. Pookah

    Food Pictures

    I just had so much sushi....I'm gonna hurl. We ate it before I could get a picture, but here is an example...
  12. Pookah

    Nasa Spots Doctor Who-like crack in the Milky Way

    Even though it is Nasa, I decided to post it in the UK forum because the article and Dr. Who originate there. :) So what is this crack? it’s “the core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems and may be harboring beastly stars in the process of forming.” Call...
  13. Pookah

    BP Oil Spill

    I don't know if anyone has posted about this yet, I did a search but nothing came up. This whole oil spill debacle has been causing me anxiety as current affairs sometimes do. I cannot believe that we can develop technology to go down and drill for oil beneath the floor of the ocean but these...
  14. Pookah

    Avoid extremely extroverted people?

    A new girl started at work last week. Every once in a while you get a coworker that is extroverted to the point of bad boundaries, she is that coworker. After briefly being introduced she tries to high five me (whilst I'm wearing gloves and using a dirty rag to clean off marker.) When I don't...
  15. Pookah

    Friday - SPW seem dead to anyone?

    Little experiment, is the site as dead as I think it is right now? You guys are socializing on a Friday aren't you!? Traitors.... :P
  16. Pookah

    Ever go to a show/concert alone?

    Conan O'Brien tickets just went on sale today without me knowing (was at work.) They are pretty much sold (scalpers and fans I expect.) I'll probably have to go alone or not at all. How do you all feel about going to shows or concerts by yourself? I kind of like to share stuff like that with a...
  17. Pookah

    Pre-existing conditions and health insurance

    So after I got my health insurance I decided to go get blood work done because I had been sitting on an old slip ordering tests for a while. I knew/know little about healthcare policies and such as I was on my parent's into my 20's (26 now.) Anyway they denied the claim saying it was a...
  18. Pookah

    Inspirational Quote - Conan O'Brien

    For some reason this really got to me when he said this tonight, the last night he was to host the tonight show due to some crappy **** going down at NBC. I can tell by his mannerisms and such that he is a good man. He was close to tearing up as he spoke and I just felt weirdly connected to...
  19. Pookah

    Where should you go to find friends/relationship?

    The one thing I can't figure out is where exactly are you supposed to go for friends and more than friends. I'm not the bar or club type. No one I work with is suitable or interested. It all seems too random anyway. I thought maybe the internet would be more help seeing as you can focus in on...
  20. Pookah

    SA ≠ weakness of character.

    This week at my job (I work in a warehouse) we were having our year end inventory. This tends to be a time where everyone relaxes slightly and we all wander around the huge warehouse counting and basically otherwise left to our own devices. I was paired with a guy with an extremely extroverted...