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  1. someday17

    Any Gaia Online users here?

    Just wondering if anyone here plays gaia online here. thx :D
  2. someday17

    Post what you cannot say

    To a boy I like .... I know your quiet and reserved. Well so am I! You have no idea how much we have in common. I see you everyday and yet I have to pretend I could care less. I do care about you and I have caught you staring at me before, so do you care too? if only i knew for sure you...
  3. someday17

    first post on spw

    I think i have been a blusher for several years.... but didn't really realise it was medical problem, i just thought it was me being weird. when i tryed to ask my mom about it she just said that its a faze im going through, and when i get older i will get over it. but based on some of the...