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  1. Kiwong

    Suicide test fail

    So at present I am staying in a 23 storey apartment. My thoughts turned to the question the crisis support counsellors ask me. Have you had any suicidal thoughts? I say no. Last night I thought about what if I jump? Yesterday these awful worrying thoughts wouldn't leave me for a moment. That the...
  2. Kiwong


    I hear some say there is a stigma towards mental illness. I guess I am living it it. I have become a label not a human being: weird, weirdo, headjob, nut, nutcase, creep, strange, dickhead, wanker, basket case. I suppose these sort of labels could be soul destroying, but I guess my soul is...
  3. Kiwong

    Anthropophobia 15

    Anthropophobia | Dual Diagnosis This seems to describe the way I am. People terrify me in any situation, particularly in one on one situations. I think the only people I have ever unconditionally trusted are my parents. I am guarded with everyone, my brother, sister, cousins, nephews and...
  4. Kiwong

    Unhelpful things 'sane' people say

    So this is a thread to write don't all the things sane people have said to you. It's inspired by a thread on a running site, called sh*%t non runners say. Here is a few. Head Job. You're weird. You're strange. He's weird. Creep. Weirdo. It's not anxiety, it's a bad attitude. It doesn't look...
  5. Kiwong

    Learning to Swim

    I’ve spent a lot of time in the Coffs Harbour War Memorial Pool. I taught myself to swim there, with the help of a couple of the instructors and life guards. In hindsight, I’m bloody proud of that, hell yes I am!! It is funny how you can look back on the good things from a bad part of your...
  6. Kiwong

    What gladdens your heart?

    This is a counter to the what irks you thread. What things make you happy?
  7. Kiwong

    What irks you?

    This thread is a chance to get off your chest all the things that irk you in this world
  8. Kiwong


    Someone suggested to me that isolation was a major cause of mental illness. I'm not sure I agree. I think it is probably more of an outcome or a symptom of mental illness as a result of abuse from being around the wrong people leading to a desire for isolation. I've found being around the wrong...
  9. Kiwong

    Falling for life wave after wave- a blog

    This is a post I put on my public blog, but then I made it private. I do that a lot these days. INXS - Dancing on the Jetty (HD) - YouTube Going out into the world is like walking a tight rope. Don't look down. On any given day there are those you are getting along with. There are the...
  10. Kiwong

    What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

    We all live with fear, but have you ever done anything brave?
  11. Kiwong

    Top inventions for SA sufferers

    What are some inventions that make the world easier for SA sufferers. 1. Auto tellers at supermarkets 2. Entering a pin to authorise credit card transactions ( I hate signing my name in front of people 3. Robot hairdressers 4. Paper/Magazine vending machines 5. Auto pay at petrol bowsers...
  12. Kiwong

    Deja Vu

    Sometimes when I feel especially stressed or anxious, I get these waves of impending doom crashing through me. It's like I've lived the moment before, and I can predict the future and it is not a happy ending for me. Do any of you ever feel that horrible feeling of Deja Vu?
  13. Kiwong


    Some shops/service stations I go into around the town I live, I get the impression that some of the staff are uncomfortable serving me. I scare them. If they react that way my anxiety feeds off it and becomes worse. Usually I stop going to those shops. Does anyone's anxiety scare other people?
  14. Kiwong

    Dealing with the people who openly dislike you

    As a sufferer of anxiety, I find it very hard to deal with people who have made up their mind about me, and openly dislike or distrust me. I can't blame some people because my anxiety can upset others. How do you handle situations where you know you are likely to be called names or gosspied...
  15. Kiwong


    Sitting on a gutter at Park Beach Plaza watching shopping trolleys being emptied into cars one hundred metres to the Honda Civic might as well be light years I’m too scared to move. Sitting on Martin Place steps watching suits and ties and shoppers walk by a Dymock’s shopping bag at my...