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    I just had ETS

    Thanks again for updating. I'm glad things are going well for you.
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    Great to hear! I'm still using mine. I have played around with the hz settings. I plug mine in. Very rarely do I use the battery. I'm amazed that the price is still the same as when was first purchased. Keep us posted on your progress.
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    Hyperhydrosis plantar

    I see this is an old post from 2013. Akala, Great that sweating has stopped for you. Thanks for the recent update. As a person who has aged, primary HH does not usually improve. Treatments can help, aging doesn't. Stressful situations might lessen and your ability to cope might improve...
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    Another hot summer here in the desert of southern Nevada. 100+ degrees on a daily basis and my treatment of half rain, half tap water once a week is working out well enough. The only change I've done has been to increase the positive lead to my hands at 1/2 hour, then switching the positive lead...
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    Michael, I do 2 hands and 2 feet. I also use 1/2 rainwater and hard tap. Out of curiosity, how long have you been doing ionto? Water quality in my experimentations is only part of the equation for successful ionto treatment. Read this thread a little bit closer as I explain how the standard...
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    Here it is now the end of June, tomorrow being the 1st of July. I've done absolutely nothing on the gel aspect. Ionto treatments have been once a week for the most part. The temperature here has been around 100 degrees daily, but my body has been coping with the sweat situation. I've had some...
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    The amount of gel needed to coat the inside of a glove would be prohibitively expensive. The gloves would need to be cleaned and dried after each use. The gel came, but I won't be using it as intended.
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    So far I haven't truly decided if I want to spend money on these gloves. It appears that everything I read says they are a small tight fitting glove,so comfort is a concern. Second issue is that continued use with gel will cause bacteria buildup, because cleaning them inside out may be futile...
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    I might consider trying these conductive gloves for my ionto treatment instead of using water. This way I can lay down and not have to worry about keeping my head up. The gloves, some gel, who knows? Or maybe I'll just get some cheap cotton gloves and rub the gel throughout? Ineed to try...
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    Thanks SweatParty, I'm always happy to hear from another happy Ionto person. Keep up the good work with your Hidrex. My hands have been dry for the most part. My body issues have gotten so severe I haven't had the physical strength to hold my neck up. I landed in the hospital for a couple of...
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    I had Botox injections 2 days ago

    Thanks for sharing Cindy. With luck your hands will improve as the botox wears off. I had no idea that was a side effect. I found this:
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    Here we are approaching the end of February and the Ashwagandha, Phenibut and recently added Rhodiola Rosea powder keeps working to keep my mind calmer which somehow keeps my hands and feet dryer. Yesterday I had a small procedure done and I was relatively calm till I almost jumped out of the...
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    Electric Baths: the Creepiest Therapeutic Treatment Ever???

    Check it out: Well, not really so creepy. This is something we once discussed on here. Look carefully at the pictures. Looks like an early form of ionto. Forme, when I do my hands and feet at the same time...
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    Tooth pain

    That's an interesting new one. I don't recall anyone bringing up tooth pain before.
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    I discovered something while trying to figure out ways to lower my cortisol level and overall mental stress. I'm using a very regimented small dose of Phenibut, Ashwagandha, and (Gabapentin: which is a prescription medication) trying to trick my mind into being calm. so far so good. Along with...
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    pro-banthine trying to buy some

    That's great news Jon.
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    We'll, it's been almost 8 years since I purchased my original Galvanic stimulator. It finally died. Apparently there are 2 round things with copper coils around each one. Roughly 3 years ago one broke off inside, yet didn't affect the unit. The other day the other one broke off. I believe I...
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    Good Palmer/Planter BLOG Antihydral can be great to use and it can cut down on some of your sweating. I've often used it before doing an ionto treatment. Dehydral is the less potent version of Antihydral. Keep in mind that both can make your...
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    Let's talk about SOX

    Anyone else have sox issues and/or a story to share?
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    Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

    We finally got some rain here in the desert, so I added it to my mixture once again. So far, so good. My filtered RAIN WATER mixture seems to be helping my treatment once again. Since I collect the rain dripping from the roof, it tends to be dirty.