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  1. Ransfordrowe

    Blonde obsession

    Anyone else find the love affair so many people have with blonde hair colour anoyying.For some reason alot of men like blonde women.It seems at times that the majority of women on tv,magazines and the ones I see each day were I live are blonde. It's seems so many people's view of beauty is so...
  2. Ransfordrowe

    mindfulness as a way to calm down the mind

    Hi.I have been getting more into mindfulness.Living in the moment and not living in the pass is important.Its suppose to help deal with reoccuring negative thoughts and for me it has helped. Who else on the site believes in mindfulness to help calm their minds and be more in the present.
  3. Ransfordrowe

    what are you proud of about yourself?

    With good reason its easy to focus on the negatives in a situation.I do that but Im trying more to be positive since often that makes my life easier.What things about yourself however small or big are you proud of? For example Im good at writting poetry and have written some good ones.
  4. Ransfordrowe

    sports obsession

    Sports obessed people can be hard work in my experience.Due to them arranging their lives around match times.Dealing with their mood swings when their club,team etc has lost again. My question is to people on the site,is can being obsessed with a sport team,club etc,be damaging to that fan.
  5. Ransfordrowe

    food heaven,food hell

    Favourite food and food you dislike. For me I really like vegetables such as potatoes,tomtoes.Mashed potato ,fried oniobs,roast parsnips are tasty. I dislike very oily food.