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  1. kuurt

    Are you shy in your dreams?

    I had a dream last night I was in school in a classroom. Even though I have been out of school for years. I was sitting at a desk messing with a laptop. Anyway, at one point I found myself talking to the person behind me. At one point I was talking to the person in front of me. At one...
  2. kuurt

    Do you have any nervous habits/tics?

    Do you have any nervous habits that you do when your around people and uncomfortable? I will often put my hands in my pockets with my thumbs sticking out when I'm nervous. Then If I catch myself doing that and try to stop doing it, I catch myself reaching up for my mouth. I kind of cup my...
  3. kuurt

    Is Social Anxiety Caused by a Belief?

    Do you think it is a belief that is the cause of one's social anxiety? If so, what belief or beliefs do you think cause it?
  4. kuurt

    Things you could do with a friend or partner.

    I don't really have any friend right now due to social anxiety. And so I don't get out of the house very much as a result. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. If I got a girlfriend by some miracle, I wouldn't know where to take her because I never go anywhere. So she would probably find me boring...
  5. kuurt

    Live near Bedford or Bloomington Indiana?

    I live in Bedford Indiana, not to far from Bloomington Indiana. Anybody live near me? Maybe we can start a social anxiety meetup group or something.
  6. kuurt

    Does your social anxiety interfere with you getting a job?

    I have gone 9 years without a job. At first it was because I had some problems with my lungs, but slowly I have gotten a lot better. Then I just used my lung problems as an excuse not to work, but really it was my social anxiety keeping me from getting a job. Sad to say I'm just afraid to...
  7. kuurt

    When did your social anxiety start?

    When did your social anxiety start? Can you pin point what started it? I'm just wondering because I watched some Youtube videos on social anxiety and some people can remember when their social anxiety started. Sometimes people even remember certain experiences that brought on their social...
  8. kuurt

    Sound conditioning

    I had an idea. I don't know if it would work, but I thought I'd share it in case anybody wants to try it. I noticed there were videos on youtube where people just recorded the sounds of people talking at like bars, clubs, or restaurants. And if you could listen to them in the background while...
  9. kuurt

    Does going out in public with your parents make you feel like a loser?

    Today I hung out with my mom. We went to a couple of stores and ate at a restaurant. But by the time I got back home I was feeling pretty down. Any time I'm out somewhere in public with one of my parents I feel absolutely pathetic. Most guys my age (35) have a wife, a girlfriend, or friends...
  10. kuurt

    Have you tried praying for a friend?

    Anyone ever try to attract a friend with the law of attraction or the power of prayer? Perhaps a lover or best friend of the opposite sex? Who perhaps also has social anxiety (someone who can relate to you)? I have attracted a friend before and a couple potential girlfriends with the...