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    anyone tried AHC30 forte?

    can anyone tell their experience with ahc30 forte? thanks
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    good news :)

    hey guys :) i have some good news.. just like i wrote earlier, ionthophoresis stopped to work for me in december..then I am in another city because of my study.. Now, i am back to my hometown and I feel pain again during ionthophoresis just like before when worked.. it is my second day of...
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    lavandula & tree oil helping me with this shi*

    I posted earlier that ionthophoresis sttoped to work.. in meantime I read experience of one woman..she put 5 drop (both) of these two essential oil in little sunflower/olive oil.. Then put that in warm water and you soak your hands/feets for 5-10 minutes every day.. It works for me for 9...
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    HH ends in 30's?!

    my friend HH stopped when he is about 29 years old.. does it stops or it is permanent state?!
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    Anyone tried Sage or Baking soda..

    Last week positive effects from ionthophoresis stopped .. I search on web and found that sage leaves can help..I tried before tea of sage and it didn't work.. Now, i put a small amount of sage leaves into hot water and put my hands for 5-10 minutes.. I found that baking soda can help too when...
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    ionthophoresis stopped workin after 7 months

    after 7 months positive effects of ionthophoresis stopped... anyone with the same problem? how many time is needed to work again?