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  1. kurani

    NZ Site

    Hello, theres a site in NZ for Kiwis affected by Anxiety: its fairly new but hopefully will take off....
  2. kurani

    Constant anxiety - does it ever stop?

    Hi, I'm new, although not that new to anxiety/panic attacks. I do have a strange question though, over the last month ive been under enormous stress from work etc and so am having time off. I have been feeling hazy all day every day, it feels like it never leaves me, is that normal for...
  3. kurani

    Hi any Kiwis here?

    Hey I'm in Auckland, NZ and I have the works: Social Phobia, GAD, Panic Disorder, Hypochondriasis you name it - lucky me Anyhoo, if anyone out there wants to get in touch or chat (although sounds like chat room not working???) let me know Kurani