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  1. philly2bits

    Just visiting old haunts.

    Oh Wow! Hi Blue! I remember you too! Those days were awesome weren't they? Sorry for missing your post by months. Maybe I'll check back more often knowing you're active here somewhat. But I have a feeling we'll be communicating about as slow as smoke signals or morse code. :D
  2. philly2bits

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    Also, for old time sake, I'm still king of the chatbox :p
  3. philly2bits

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

  4. philly2bits

    Just visiting old haunts.

    Been 10 or more years since I visited this site. I can't believe it's still here and I actually remembered my password! Kind of weird to see all my activity from that time is still hidden away, long buried and long forgotten. Thanks for the trip down memory lane SPW!
  5. philly2bits

    It's not the words you speak...

    But the emotions you create. This is the most important part of any conversation. What emotions do you want to engender in the other party(ies)? Do you want them to like you? Do you want them to hate you? Do you want them to think you're interesting? Do you want them to think you are smart...
  6. philly2bits


    The person talking not withstanding, this speech is great. A sad irony being that those people most in need of these words will not learn a thing upon hearing them. They will only become defensive and all too ready to argue. The Greatest Speech Ever Made - YouTube
  7. philly2bits

    A Christmas Carol

    Since it's on TV this time of year I'd thought I'd bring it up. Everytime I watch it, I can't help but think how much scrooge could be me, or any of us here. Although the modern interpretation of the story leans more towards scrooge being rich and being a jerk, this wasn't the so much the...
  8. philly2bits

    Getting out of your own head

    I feel like I'm trapped in my own head most of the time. With everything, not just socializing. Most of my concentration is directed at my own thoughts and not the outside world. I daydream all the friggin time. I have conversations with myself. I barely engage in life.It's as though I'm on...
  9. philly2bits

    Likability? Is it as simple as that?

    I read this book not too long ago: The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life's Dreams (9781400080496): Tim Sanders: Books I won't summarize, but the first review has the main point I'll cover. This statement is probably the main point of the book...
  10. philly2bits

    victim mentality

    I feel like I'm developing a victim mentality. Why? Because it's easy. Because it feels good. It feels good to blame other people for my problems. It feels good to never be in the wrong. It feels good to think other people are putting up barriers. I feel important when I give into thinking...
  11. philly2bits

    doing nothing?

    I suppose it's a stretch to say it's all SA related but find myself doing nothing at all most days. My time is filled up with escaping from life rather than living it. TV, the computer, video games take most my waking hours. I sometimes go out to buy some fast food or a sandwich. When I grow...
  12. philly2bits

    Picture of my ass

    Get your minds out of the gutter people. ::p:
  13. philly2bits

    You're all sheep

    Now hold still while I shear you. I need a sweater for the upcoming winter.
  14. philly2bits

    A convenient excuse?

    Is depression a convenient excuse for some of us? Our we too eager to blame it for our short comings when in reality the problem lies elsewhere? I've been thinking about this recently. For the past week or so I've been fighting a cold or two and some stomach problems. But when offered some...
  15. philly2bits

    The myth of popularity?

    Sometimes I like to punish myself by actually watching the political channels on TV. With the campaign going on here in America it's hard to miss. With nothing of substance being said yet and with 24 hours to fill, the news tends to bring on talking heads to fill the gaps. One of them was...
  16. philly2bits

    Don't be a sellout

    Ask yourself, what is a friend to you? Don't take it lightly. Think hard. What does it take for you to call someone your friend? What emotions do they stir, what thoughts do they invoke? And are these thoughts and emotions really good for you, or do they just feel good? Does this person add...
  17. philly2bits

    I'm being consumed by anger.

    The title explains it all. I'm angry all the time. I'm angry because I have no money. I'm angry because I have no job. I'm angry because I have no friends. I'm angry people won't talk to me when I talk to them. I'm angry my father is always condescending. I'm angry I have the coping skills of a...
  18. philly2bits

    How the **** do I get noticed?

    Aside from putting asterisks in the topic to make it look like I swore, how I do I get people to notice me enough so I leave some kind of impression? Do I need to be a fawning sycophant? Do I need to act like an ass? As it stands now, I'm little more than a situational conversationalist to...
  19. philly2bits

    Keeping bitterness at bay

    Lately it's been harder and harder to keep bitterness and cynicism from getting the better of me. I've been acting counter to my feelings to keep from becoming a total jerk but it's becoming too hard a task to do any longer and to be honest I have the feeling others can pick up on this phoniness...
  20. philly2bits

    I'm better than you!

    Ooooh baby you know it's true. When push comes to shove I'm better than you. Wooooooooooo Cue the guitar solo.