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  1. Scrabbl

    Girls who lead on shy boys

    Ok so i'm fed up with this girl. I need to vent. I am a simple computer programmer (read: nerd). and there's this girl from my work. i think she secretly enjoys tormenting me. she knows she has something i want and that i have nothing she wants. prancing around me in tight fitting clothing and...
  2. Scrabbl

    I think I'm cured

    2012 has been a pretty awesome year for me. I turned 22 and I think I'm cured. Now I'm back (after not posting for years) to share my story in the hopes that it'll inspire you guys to keep fighting the good fight =) =================== Why do i say I am cured? Here are some changes that...
  3. Scrabbl

    success story

    I feel like right now I'm in a very good spot. I am exactly where I should be in life. Sure I have girl problems, but so does all my friends and classmates in engineering lol. Some people have had it all and then lost everything. I am the exact opposite. Three or four years ago I had nothing and...
  4. Scrabbl

    looking for good radio station website

    What's similar to radio but available in Canada? :confused: I'm looking for the kind where you can customize your channels to play the songs you like. Thanks
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    kangaroo violence appreciation thread

    i think kangaroo boxing is completely hilarious. This thread is for expressing ur love for kangaroos and whatever else u can think of! YouTube - Kangaroo Boxing - Attenborough - Life of Mammals - BBC
  6. Scrabbl

    anyone seen "avatar"?

    I just watched this yesterday. It was amazing. it blew my mind. I don't normally say this about a movie but I'm up for watching it again. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it in imax in 3d NOW - you don't want to watch this one online trust me
  7. Scrabbl

    dreams you remember from childhood

    I find it weird that I still remember some of the dreams / nightmares I had when I was a little kid 10 years ago or earlier. Some of these are completely random / silly / weird.. Once I dreamed of being at my grandparents' place with my cousin. Grandpa was there too. Outside, it was raining...
  8. Scrabbl

    sa t-shirt ideas?

    Today on campus I saw a guy with a t shirt that says: J U S T S H Y not antisocial would you wear something like that?
  9. Scrabbl

    telling people that I need them

    Why is it so hard to tell somebody that you need them? For example if I want a friend to come along with me to do something or go some place. Instead of telling them straight up "I want to go do _____ with you" or especially "I'd really like it if you could go with me", I'd always try to...
  10. Scrabbl

    damn perfectionism

    The other day my best friend made a comment stating that I'm so hard to please, and that it's so difficult to get sincere praises from me. I thought it over, and I decided that it is true. I've always had such impossibly high standards for everything, especially for myself. This becomes a really...
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    relaxation imagery (i didn't write this. and i forgot where I found it) 1. Picture yourself lying on your tummy on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream. 2. Then, picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water. 3. Birds are sweetly singing in the...
  12. Scrabbl

    do you keep a diary / journal / blog?

    I did since 15. I'm curious to see if it's common for sp. .
  13. Scrabbl

    what are YOU doing to fight SP

    answer this question. Please share your experience. Do you believe you can change? Do you have a plan? A bit about myself: since discovering that I had this condition called social phobia five years ago, I've definitely made some small progress. I am actually able to actively make and maintain...
  14. Scrabbl

    random things

    Witnessed first snow yesterday. But the ground is still not icy enough to prevent me from biking home for lunch (I won't eat at school cafeteria unless it's absolutely unavoidable). Speaking of lunch, I noticed something interesting: every day after lunch, I have class, during which you'll find...
  15. Scrabbl

    is there still room for creativity in writing and painting?

    Literature and Painting are not as they once were. There isn't much room for innovation any more. So I feel kind of bad for people who still aspire to be painter or writer. Writing or painting is supposed to be creative, but, like I said, the room for creativity has diminished a lot. Because it...
  16. Scrabbl

    should we keep trying?

    I don't know if this is just me who believe this or everybody else or maybe my sp is just beyond cure but here's situation. Every time, following a nice big summer break, I'd start a year being tentative toward people and try to be friendly, and people would also try to be a little friendly to...
  17. Scrabbl

    sp comics by sp'er

    I just came across this site. I thought I should share it with you guys. These are comics about sp by a sp person. And don't worry there's nothing negative here.. so basically, you just have got to see these if never heard about this site...