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  1. SilverLiner

    Paranoia - Holding Hands

    So tonight I went out with a friend and about 6 of her mates. On our way to the club we were drunkenly holding each other up. At one point I ended up holding hands with this one girl. We both noticed at the same time that we were holding hands and let go instantly. Me being the SAer that I am...
  2. SilverLiner

    The end of the world has come

    Well alright, it hasn't lol. But I have an awkward scenario under my belt and I don't know what to do. The only person I ever really got on with at work about a year ago texts me today asking if I want to go clubbing with her (and presumably her mates as well) tomorrow. This is like the worst...
  3. SilverLiner

    Do you worry you're not good enough?

    Maybe I'm just getting paranoid with something that I shan't explain on a message board but do you ever feel what you offer isn't good enough? I'm with my girlfriend of just over 3 months and to this day I'm still panicking and worrying that she's going to leave me for someone more out going and...
  4. SilverLiner

    Terrorism affected your SA?

    Has the London bombings affected anyone at all with their SA? It was horrifying watching the news all day last Thursday. I was utterly horrified by what was going on, watching the wreck of the bus, people coming out of the tube station burned and scarred, people on tv telling stories of seeing...
  5. SilverLiner

    FYI: I Hurt Too

    Hey all :) I just thought I'd share this song I wrote over the past couple of days. Special thanks goes to hermitt. I'd been a bit lost with the lyrics but thanks to our chat about SA I'd been in a better state of mind and finish it up a lot better. I'll try and record this in the next couple of...
  6. SilverLiner

    How many of you are totally alone?

    Sorry for the depressing subject...and I'm trying to refrain from the 'woe is me' attitude lol. I just wondered how many people here are totally alone. Back when I was a teenager I had friends. I was always in a gang, we'd get pissed, go to the cinema etc. I'm 22 now and I'm pretty much alone...