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  1. neardeath

    What is the best source of help you've found in the mental health field?

    More often than not, people who seek help find their malady is "treatment resistant." I've had bad luck with meds for about 35 years now. Things are either too expensive, a hoax, or they treat you like a criminal. I was just wondering if anyone has any hopeful experiences or suggestions?
  2. neardeath

    My Life Today

    I hope I can begin to change my thinking by sharing something each day. It's scary and I don't know what to say or how to say it. Recently I started getting out to a lot of events that felt safe to me. I've done so much, attending things that interest me, but it hasn't made getting out any...
  3. neardeath

    What does the forum mean for you?

    I am pretty new here, and generally interested in how people use the forum, what they get out of it, and how does it work in your life? I am a "baby-boomer" and old enough to have that hot/cold disconnect when it comes to the internet. Don't get me wrong, I need you! Please enlighten me.
  4. neardeath

    Post a picture of your sexy cat thread

    My Bart. Click on me. Mommy just adopted the friendliest cat she ever met.
  5. neardeath

    omg new meds again

    I am trying Remeron and Klonopin. Never tried them before and I've been doing this for about 34 years now. Since I was 20. Currently in an outpatient "partial" group and making some changes in my life. I have to find solutions to some of the things I ruminate about. I am serious in this...
  6. neardeath

    another newbie

    Hi! I am from WI where it is way below zero today. Attending a partial hospitalization program currently. In my 50's, I am worse off than ever, mentally. Don't know if I can go on. Went to church yesterday and can't control my crying anymore and it is very embarrassing. Things are so bad...