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    Do you struggle with clothing?

    I have settled to only wearing plain white Hane's t-shirts, because of a few reasons. One, is that I expecience extreme anxiety when trying to look for clothes in a store, so to avoid this I quickly grab a pack of small white Hane's t-shirts from a shelf and am done. I wish I could enjoy...
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    What one thing made right would make you happier in life?

    Obviously a lot of us are depressed or go through cycles of depression. I know I am depressed all the time. My question is, if you could take anything in your life, maybe something that makes you depressed more than anything else, and make it right, what would that be? please don't just say just...
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    Have you ever contemplated suicide?

    I am not saying I have, well, I mean I have thought about it, but I know I never will, but has anyone here seriously asked theirself if they should kill theirself or not? If I ever were to do it, I would do something dramatic... I've always dreamed of going to New York City someday. I imagine...
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    Even This Forum Fails Me.

    i have it the worst. i can't even make friends online. that's how bad i am at social interaction. it is to the point where i avoid making friends online. i don't use any IM programs because i fear social interactions online. a internet forum is as far as i will go, even that is hard. i despise...
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    advice PLEASE

    please... someone give me some advice. please be considerate of my post and say something. i need it.... please. i have to describe my situation first. i'm 18. i force myself to go to 1 college class (after withdrawing from 2 others) and to a part time job. i have never had a serious...
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    I feel bad in public

    Can someone please help me. I think I might have social anxiety, but I'm not sure. Let me try to explain certain situations. I have broken it down myself into steps. Step one is walking outside my house, period. As soon as I step out of my house, the hurt inside me comes, but not that much...