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  1. EscapeArtist

    Miss you. Hope you get on here soon. You were like an online mother figure to me years ago <3...

    Miss you. Hope you get on here soon. You were like an online mother figure to me years ago <3 please message me when you can Love
  2. EscapeArtist

    OMG Puma, I see you were online today, and I happened to pop in. I miss you

    OMG Puma, I see you were online today, and I happened to pop in. I miss you
  3. EscapeArtist

    Afraid of people being "angry" with me.

    Yes I'd say this is my number 1 issue. I expect everybody is, no matter what they say, even if I tell them how delusionally i think about it and they reassure me in great effort. There will always, always be a part that believes otherwise, and I fear voicing that to them because it seems...
  4. EscapeArtist

    Post a song that describes how you feel right now.

    thank you this stuff is pretty neat! I'm always looking for postrockambient hammock type stuff. radiohead mood
  5. EscapeArtist

    How do you believe in your self ?

    The post about accomplishment was amazing. I want to add one thing, don't pressure yourself to accomplish too much. What's most important is that you pat yourself on the back for the tinyyyy things you change each day. Even if that is something small like taking a shower and getting dressed...
  6. EscapeArtist

    Expressions you get tired of hearing

    You will be free one day, I promise. I also have family that used me. My mother used me financially and I based my whole life around helping her mental illnesses, until one day when we were evicted because I couldn't cover her rent anymore. My life too revolved around the needs of others, and I...
  7. EscapeArtist

    Not being able to be there for others is getting me down.

    Hey all, how's life. I've been feeling something lately and I can't find people that relate, they seem afraid of my neurotic-ism. Anyways, I have agoraphobia/generalized anxiety disorder. I can't leave the house lately to see friends unless they are in my direct vicinity (small ish town, 10...
  8. EscapeArtist

    How to unwind after work environment?

    I just started working again,and after one day I realize it's going to be the same experience as my last job, except this job is even more social and entails a lot more close observation and pressure. Normally I need like 2 days to unwind after a really social, long day. I feel myself with an...
  9. EscapeArtist

    Help, panicking about date and appearance

    Question: Why does the word panicking have a K in it only when there is an ING? Better question: Can somebody PLEASE give me some words of comfort. I'm kind of freaking out. I have this date with a person I met online in a day or two. We've been talking for awhile, a few months. The reason I'm...
  10. EscapeArtist

    Who wants to date a depressed agorophobe?

    Just wondering, those of you who have boyfriends or girlfriends or have even had dates who you confided in, how do people treat you around your agorophobia or depression? Also wondering if anybody has had any bad experiences, I mean I'd like to not have a bias here :) The whole stigma that I...
  11. EscapeArtist

    "what have you been up to?"

    Im meetin up with acquaintances i really even barely knew from highschool tonight, and seeing as its been 3 or so years, I know theyll ask " What have you been doing?". This question scares me, ive basically been isolating myself and going through a try again - drop out again cycle of highschool...
  12. EscapeArtist

    10 Day Computer/TV Free Challenge

    probably been done before!! (insert prissy-girl hair flip here) Anybody try quitting any technology that serves as artificial socialization?? (Not including cell phones because they connect you to real people to make plans with real people). Starting to wonder if the main enabler for...
  13. EscapeArtist

    BDD is what it is.

    I spent 2 hours running from mirror to mirror, trying to make myself look okay so I could go to the group SA meetup I signed up for today. 2 Hours staring in the mirror, flipping little hairs this way or that, only to retreat to my dark room, feeling lonely because I missed my bus, and I was...
  14. EscapeArtist

    How to Be Alone

    How To Be Alone - YouTube heartwarming and cute (and with the most awesome shoes)
  15. EscapeArtist

    love and dating, please inspire me

    Anybody who has ever even just been on one date, or approached somebody they thought was cute, or had a relationship long or short term, pr even just met up once with a person from an online dating site, would you share the story of your experience? A lot of the time, I don't see myself as...
  16. EscapeArtist

    Vancouver! B c!

    I know there are tons of threads out there like this, Who the heck cares, they are so outdated. If you live in Vancouver, Bc, CANADA, Earth, Universe, Galaxy, Then how about we all meet up? Even if it's just 2 or 3 people, from what I've learned the last 2-3 years of being on here, all ya'll...
  17. EscapeArtist

    how to move on from the past?

    at first it felt extremely beneficial to revisit the past, I had been in denial about the loss of my friends, community, and family from a move from the US to Canada when I was 13 up until 3 years ago, so when I began to dig up the past, it seemed extremely beneficial. I was sorting out...
  18. EscapeArtist

    What do you want the most?

    Something specific, not just "to not be anxious" or "to not have anxiety" or even "to have friends". Some specific moment in your life that you can imagine ( for instance, "be in a crowd of people and being able to express myself clearly, or crack a joke in front of a group" vs. "be not...
  19. EscapeArtist

    When I laugh at people.

    When I laugh "at" people is when I feel the deepest sense of love for them. When I see others being vulnerable or being embarrassed is when I feel the most connected to them, I laugh out of pure joy. I realized this when I laughed at my friend when he stuttered. (Hi friend!) And couldn't find...
  20. EscapeArtist

    If you didn't have social anxiety/issues, would you still be depressed?

    After surfing all the fun, connected and happy looking pictures on facebook of old friends and being quite bewildered (I don't understand how they do it!)..., I wonder, would you still be depressed if you got along well with others, had that feeling of belonging in other people's presence, had...