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  1. Maya23

    Is it animal abuse?

    What do you think on the topic of testing new medications on animals. Specifically, what restrictions do you think should be in place for testing new drugs on animals? We started a discussion on this in a class on psychoactive drugs...and I realized I haven't yet defined my beliefs on this...
  2. Maya23

    Kinda off topic phobias you have

    Phobias you may have? heights, snakes, etc I was reading my psychology book and they had this GIANT list of phobias that people have. I couldn't even believe some of them...fear of rain(ombrophobia)? I've got a fear of spiders, but I guess that is more common. Fear of heights, dogs...
  3. Maya23

    What is the first thing you notice about people?

    I thought this was an interesting question relating to social anxiety. What do you notice first when you see a person, even before you talk to them? I tend to notice body language, such as if the person is smiling or not. Then I interpret this and decide if they like me or not. Right here...
  4. Maya23


    Here are a few that I took! I just love photography. I only have a really crappy camera though so I wish I had enough to buy a nice camera. What would you guys recommend for me to get? any help would totally be appreciated! You all seem to know what you are doing :)
  5. Maya23

    Jam session on skype?

    I play the drums, but it is really hard for me to play around other people. I'm trying to think of ways to get over this. How have some of you gotten over your fears of playing in front of other people? I've been playing drums for about 6 years now. Has anyone ever tried jamming over skype...
  6. Maya23

    Hey there, this is pretty cool!

    Just joined, and I thought I would say hi ;) Basically I am trying to overcome my social anxiety right now with CBT therapy, I live in California, have a dog, love to surf, run, skateboard, mountain bike, and play the drums ( I love music!) So it will be fun to find people with some of the same...