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  1. Twinkel<3

    'attention seeking behaviours'

    After a recent spat with my mother she told me that im oy this way because i want attentiton for it. Now ill admit iv done some extreem things in the past but never purly for attention. It not my fault im the way i am. Its not my fault im not like the other kid out partying every day of the...
  2. Twinkel<3

    New Years resolutions

    New year resolutions- your thoughts? Do you have any? SAD goals for the year? Mine is to become more social, to learn to coup with SAD and Panic Attacks :D kind of an obvious choice lol Twinkel xxx
  3. Twinkel<3

    Hello :)

    Hi everyone, Im Twinkel and Im 19 years old, I was diagnosed with SAD when i was 15 and im still batteling it, i joined this site to find lovely people who know what it feels like :) I live in Sunderland in the North East of England (if there is anyone else around that area? ;) hehe) And at the...