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  1. akala

    Post your picture thread

    Here is a picture I took today.
  2. akala

    how can i get over my agoraphobia?

    Try to tell someone, or ask someone you know online if you are uncomfortable to ask.
  3. akala

    What do you do to help move on from anxiety episodes?

    Tell people that care about them like their relatives to see what you can do as a group.
  4. akala


    I am a forum user . I'm trying to fly out of Canada but don't have passport or ID. I'm not from Canada and don't know how to break the law without getting caught and also don't know anyone. How can I leave. My family are immigrants and I'm going alone by myself.
  5. akala

    someone with HOCD?

    it went away.
  6. akala

    What jobs would you do?

    I have social anxiety and looking for jobs online, im interested in factory work right now,but still don't have anything from some stuff.... what type of jobs would you do? do you like talking a lot, i m trying to find something with no talking, i didn't notice factory work. i also might try app...
  7. akala

    The positive thread

    I might go to the library to read something tomorrow.
  8. akala

    How are you feeling?

    feel normal
  9. akala

    I Hate Men.

    I am a 28 year old single woman who usually forgets to think of remember my views on feminism even if it’s extreme and not a feminist view. I hate men. They are inconsiderate . Hateful. Disgusting and mean towards me. They are hateful even if I avoid them all together. They think I know who...
  10. akala

    Hyperhydrosis plantar

    I don't have hyperhidrosis anymore. I tried at home ionotophersis treatment it worked. It went away. I'm now 26 and haven't had any palmar or plantar hyperhidrosis. I think it went away with age.
  11. akala

    How to deal with condescending people?

    I was on another forum for my phone company and I asked a question and the person who answered and kept answering was so condescending and put me down and people (who were also affiliated with the phone company) praised the person... How do you deal with these types of people ???
  12. akala

    How would you feel if you had to be the lead in a play?

    What if you had to play the lead role in a play... and it was a requirement for a course...? Would you drop out of the course (even though it's a requirement for your program?) i don't know what to do... what would you do?
  13. akala

    How were you diagnosed with SA?

    I was just wondering how people knew they had Social Anxiety. I tried talking to a therapist who didn't know what it was. And when I go on therapists profiles and look through what they treat... sa or agoraphobia isn't part of it. Is social anxiety just anxiety disorder or depression?
  14. akala

    feeling unwanted, unloved, & lonely?

    I wish I could cope with these feelings, do you know what it's like?
  15. akala

    Can pets also have SA?

    I saw a bird at the pet store... she looked very alone and secluded, and when people tried to talk to her she'd shy away. such a sensitive, little birdie... I want her as a pet, but I'm afraid she won't grow to like me because I don't know how to cater to her needs. Does anyone have a pet animal...
  16. akala

    How do you motivate yourself when you suffer from depression?

    If you do suffer from depression, what are some ways you motivate yourself to complete simple tasks
  17. akala

    Videos that inspire or help with anxiety?

    This one is my favorite one I found recently, what helps calm you when you feel anxious? Letting Go and Overcoming Anxiety - An Inspirational Message - YouTube
  18. akala

    Have you found CBT helpful?

    I just started today, i know years of negative thinking won't be easy to undo, but is this approach helpful for not only Social Anxiety and Depression I would like to hear opinions of people who've tried it, thanks
  19. akala

    Finding yourself

    does anyone know how to find yourself, or figure out who you are. This is very confusing to me... do you think it's important in curing SA? When did you find yourself? :) thanks:thumbup:
  20. akala

    Do animals help?

    Do animals help with depression and feelings that SA give you? Or being around them? I want a bird, i used to have one and he was my best friend.