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  1. Opaline

    There's A Song For Everything Game

    Someone I knew used to sing a song for different things I'd say. Sometimes I was surprised with some of the songs she knew for the simplest of things. So, someone post a word and someone else reply with a song about that word, and then post another word and the next poster can reply with a song...
  2. Opaline

    Who You're Like and Who You Wish You Were Like

    Sorry if this has been done before, I don't know what I'd type into the search thing to find out. Oh well! Post either a famous person or a fictitious character of any sort who you think best represents you, and post the person/character who represents your ideal self or who you wish you were...
  3. Opaline

    Didn't really want to make a thread for this

    ...but it's probably better than posting it in the random thoughts thread. I guess. A supposed friend of mine said hello to me several weeks ago and we both agreed we should get together after finals (which have passed). I texted her and after more than a week went by without a reply I sent...
  4. Opaline

    How are you feeling?

    ...sorry, not helpful at all.
  5. Opaline

    I Don't Know

    I don't know. I just felt like I should start a new thread where I'm going to post random stuff that I don't want in the random thoughts thread, because I want my own, but I don't want to post in another thread I made before. And you can post here too if you want, I mean, if you really want...
  6. Opaline

    Driving Drama

    Everyone has had bad or crazy (or funny) driving experiences. Post yours here!
  7. Opaline

    What's Your Summer Song?

    You know, the one you listen to while cruising along on a warm summer night with the windows down? Mine is "Shot at the Night" by The Killers. Retro and feel-good. I like the music video a lot too. Hits a little close to home.
  8. Opaline


    Not sure if anyone else has made a thread about depression and anxiety as it relates to appetite. I searched briefly but didn't find anything. I'm just wondering how other people's appetites are affected by depression and/or anxiety. Do you eat more or less in response to one or both of those...
  9. Opaline

    Post Boring Stuff Here... Like Schoolwork :P

    I like to post essays and crap and I would actually like to read others' "boring" work like career and school-related stuff. Don't ask. Just do it.
  10. Opaline

    What ails you

    I know this isn't the uh, most positive thread, but I'm (morbidly) curious as to what and how many health problems people have. I was thinking about my own and realized I have what I consider a long list of physical/mental ailments. What are yours?
  11. Opaline

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

  12. Opaline

    Seems like the whole world is depressed

    Is depression being overdiagnosed? Are we just hearing about it more because of technology, more research, more encouragement for depressives to come forward? Personally it seems like it's literally everywhere. Countless family members on both sides struggle with it to varying degrees -...
  13. Opaline

    But he loves you!

    I need to know something. Is it the "right" thing to do to keep someone in your life who shows time and again he doesn't respect you, just because he's family and has done "so much" for you and may pass away within the next few years? I've talked about my grandfather here before. I stopped...
  14. Opaline

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    NOOOOOO! Sorry for the morbidness. My sister saw a dead baby (or small) owl on her way home from work :( It practically has X's over its eyes :(
  15. Opaline

    Is it better to be open or guarded?

    Question is in the title. When getting to know people, is it better to be more open and therefore possibly be able to connect with people on a more personal/emotional level, or is it better to have your guard up and be more cautious so they don't know too much too soon (before you can trust...
  16. Opaline

    Is the American way of life high-stress?

    Just want to know people's opinion. If you are an American citizen, do you think the "average" American lifestyle (I'm aware lifestyles vary, but on the whole) is conducive to very high levels of stress? I know some may say, Well, duh. But maybe not everyone agrees with this. I'm just wondering...
  17. Opaline

    What is your phone wallpaper?

    This is my lock screen: Here is my home screen:
  18. Opaline

    What is your phone wallpaper?

    We have a "what's your computer wallpaper?" thread, but I don't think there's one for cellphones :D So what's yours?
  19. Opaline

    Awkward Topics Thread

    I figured we should have a thread for awkward topics that you don't want to post in one of the main threads. I don't mean ban worthy things; obviously we should keep it appropriate. But just anything you feel should be specially designated as "awkward" before anyone reads it and then gets...
  20. Opaline

    Post Your Computer Problems

    I thought I'd make a thread for people to post their computer problems, and anyone who has an idea of how to fix it or has experience with these things can jump on and reply to the person with help :) I'll post mine below.