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    Wanting to stop existing?

    Sophia, you're so beautiful! (If that's you in the avatar!) But do you eat enough? :) Sorry to ask, you might be lacking some important nutrients though. I felt kind of like what you are describing a few times too (once after taking some fishy multivitamins two days in a row, I think) - not...
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    Hugh Laurie Appreciation Thread!! :)

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself!! :) A Bit of Fry and Laurie - "Mystery" song - YouTube Hugh Laurie - Mystery Lyrics OMG LOL!! :) A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Kicking ass - YouTube And his dad won an Olympic gold medal!! lol! /faints/ haha As told in this video that I still need to watch...
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    Do your parents have the 'Christmas Crazies'?

    I don't know how else to describe it. My parents are Catholic and they get obsessed with cleaning and such before Christmas (or Easter) holidays... Dad gets drunk then mum is cross at him. (And yells at us all, yikes.) I miss my Granny. Thought it would be 'calmer' this year, without her...
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    How to Deal with Guys on the Rebound?

    Just curious. Does anyone have any good tips? I've been approached by a few divorced dads and some have been sympatico... I know it's not good to date someone too soon after break-up/divorce, some can be darn cute though lol! I don't want to completely rule out anything, in the future, how to...
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    Did you hear what happened in Norway?

    There was a bombing in the city of Oslo, capital of Norway - shattered and damaged a building with a tabloid newspaper near governmental building: 7 people killed, at least 15 injured. Then, a shooting in a youth camp: 84 young people were killed. Someone dressed as a policeman asked them to...
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    Terrific 20's!! :)

    A thread for people in their 20's! It can be an exciting age - with specific challenges too... This is an age most sung about in Hollywood, songs, movies, TV series... But it can feel a bit frightening and scary too... Especially if it's not happening exactly as Hollywood portrayed it to be...
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    Awesome Teens!! :)

    This is a thread for you. There are quite some awesome teenagers on this site!! Some are wise and smart beyond their years... Being a teenager can be difficult - and great too!! It's a difficult time between being a kid and an adult. Challenges: to learn to like and accept yourself, learn...
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    30+ &Fabulous? :)

    Just thought we'd make a thread for all of us :) There are quite some people in the 30+ category and I do think life is a bit different, so it would be great to hear from you! PS You can post even if you don't think you're that fabulous, but I'm sure you probably ARE anyway!!
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    Warning: Get Money Assistance, Lose the House?

    Don't wanna sound ominous but in our tiny little country (in Europe) there has been a change in legal practice that may influence inheritance a great deal. If someone gets money from the state because unemployed then the country/state/municipality will claim money in that amount from any...
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    Valentine's Day Party!!

    LEt's have a party!! :) What are you bringing?? Cookies, chocolate & ice cream got mentioned already!! :)
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    Must read if you want to have a laugh

    I just stumbled across this site: Dear blank, please blank-hilarious. (maybe not for kids, if you're insulted with a bit dark/grown-up or Twilight humor, don't look, otherwise it's hilarious, err, most of it) Some good thoughts here too: Dear blank, please blank-like. I like the one about...
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    Welcome to European Waste Minimisation Week!! Other countries Welcome too!! :)

    Europe and the World have too much trash!! 20th to 28th November 2010, people all over the world - mostly Europe but also Brasil and Dominican Republic are working on waste reduction!! Come join us!! :) Every little bit helps!!
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    Flying Feathers! Or, Trying to Change the World! - Journal/Rant thread

    Or, why is Feathers even here? :D (Some of you have questioned that.) I can be really good in theory, and not so good in RL, sometimes... I've read an inordinate amount of books, remember? (Both fiction and non-fiction) And some stuff here seems really 'basic', I've gotten through it a long...
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    Are your parents mean to you?

    Just curious...
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    American couple's breathtakingly cruel taunts at terminally ill seven-year-old girl

    I just found this online: 'I can't wait until you die': Outrage at American couple's breathtakingly cruel taunts at terminally ill seven-year-old girl Read more: Scott and Jennifer Petkov's cruel taunts to dying Kathleen Edwards, 7 | Mail Online It's really difficult to believe anyone would do...
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    Are you a NEET? How to get out of this?

    I started watching Welcome to the NHK and it's fairly depressing.. It shows the story of a cute young Japanese guy who only lives in his room (mostly) and apparently has social phobia too.. In Japan, there are already services that help such young persons.. The anime describes a young girl who...
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    I cried! How to stop this??

    How do you deal with this? I don't want to cry in front of people, and sometimes it's just even not a big deal-?? (I mean they may not mean to do or say anything mean or such.. Just if they talk in a certain way!! And/or about certain things..) I don't want to cry in front of people!! If...
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    A job that might make OCD worse - thoughts on this??

    I have some contamination OCD. It may be partly 'realistic' (in that some things really can cause contamination/illnesses etc) but my family usually roll eyes when I mention things like that.. (Partly they can be too careless too though..) So, I'd be qualified for some jobs that include contact...
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    Future Flatmates?

    Can you share any experience in looking for flats/rooms or flatmates? I've only lived in a dorm or with my relatives before, so I don't really know how to go about finding a great place with awesome flatmates/roommates (or at least a tolerable/okay/friendly one). I had luck with flatmates...
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    Eco Anxiety Anyone?

    I've read articles about it, it's supposed to be 'officially recognized' sort of. People just have anxiety over what is happening over the planet or in our houses or neighbourhoods, with food and surroundings.. Does anyone else have it? Partly it can be good, cause it made me change my...