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  1. IntheLabyrinth

    Having confidence

    I just noticed a person on FB that I was friends with in High School, and he posted a pic of his furry chest (stomach and shoulders) with all the confidence of GQ's sexiest man of the year. I, however, would not post a pic like that to save my life. It's so sad that we cannot have the same...
  2. IntheLabyrinth

    Interesting Article

    I think there was thread about SA and empathy a couple of weeks ago. Studies Link Social Anxiety To High IQs, Empathetic Ability, & Sentinel Intelligence | Spirit Science and Metaphysics
  3. IntheLabyrinth


    Has anyone had their anxiety reduced or any other benefits from meditating? If so, what type do you do, for how long each time, and how long did it take before you noticed the benefits?
  4. IntheLabyrinth

    Trouble breathing

    Does anyone else have the kind of trouble breathing where it feels as though you are not getting a full breath even though you are? You then have to do a huge yawn to feel like you got a breath but a few seconds later you need to do that again, and again, and again, until you forget about it and...
  5. IntheLabyrinth

    Positive Affirmations

    Hello SPW, I am having some difficulty coming up with positive affirmations. As with every other thought I have, I am doubting that what I come up with is worthwhile. Does anyone have some good suggestions of what has worked for them or what would work for me. My issues are varied but here is a...
  6. IntheLabyrinth

    Age differences in dating

    I have always been terrified of dating and and of girls, even when I was in elementary school. I have only had a few dates in my life, and never any real relationships. The longest was about a month, but that was over a decade ago. So anyway I started recently talking to a classmate with no...
  7. IntheLabyrinth

    Have you ever been in a fist fight?

    I feel like I may have not developed so much anxiety if I had just confronted one the a'holes that picked on me in junior high. It would have been a very one sided masacre since I had the physique of Olive Oyl but at least I would have gained some self esteem. Does anyone else feel the same?
  8. IntheLabyrinth

    Good Will Hunting

    This is probably going to sound really strange but I felt like asking this anyway. Is there anyone that gets emotional during the scene where Robin Williams' character is hugging Will and telling him, "it's not your fault"? I don't really know why but I feel like someone doing that for me would...
  9. IntheLabyrinth

    Worst that can happen

    When I used to see my psychologist, she was big on what is the worse that can happen. For example, what is the worse that can happen if you meet a new person, and your heart decides to beat at 1000 times per minute, your face starts sweating profusely, and you can't think of anything to say. Has...
  10. IntheLabyrinth


    I am sure this has been posted at some point but I am still new here. Were you bullied at some point in your life? I feel like that might be a pretty common occurrence among those with SA. Maybe not though. I was all throughout Junior High, which only brought my self esteem down that much...
  11. IntheLabyrinth

    Lost... The tv show

    How many people wish they were on the island? When the show was on the air I so desperately wanted to be on that island. For some unknown reason, I felt like all of my problems and fears would be gone on the island. I love that series! The music, acting, scenes, themes, characters, and mysteries...
  12. IntheLabyrinth

    Does anyone else have Paruresis (shy bladder)?

    Having a shy bladder is so embarrassing and pretty uncomfortable when I have to hold it because the bathroom situation isn't perfect. I never tell a person until I am comfortable with them, well, as comfortable as I can be with another person, and even then it is still really difficult to talk...