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  1. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Been very mentally ill. Been so distressed and upset trying to work through every day and its a challenge. I cry everyday and night, sometimes I cant stop at all and its days until I can function. I tell my mum and she doesnt want to know, theres no emotional support within my family...
  2. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Havent been on her in some time. Been really ill mental health wise. Anxiety gotten way out of control and depression. Dads car litterally went up in flames (he got out) and since then ive been the one driving my parents around (i usually drive my deaf mum) and its been exhausting and...
  3. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    So it's nearly the end of March 2023. Back in Feb (or maybe it was January?) my dad's came driving up our block of land (I live with my folks) and his new car he only had for about 6 months (a Suzuki Ignis) just burst into flames. My mum and I had to run 100 metres back and forth with buckets...
  4. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    I really cant fathom, cannot take in, just how much a person can go downhill mentally fast like rugs has. And i know ive always talked over about him on here like 90 percent of the times ive written in here and the thing was i really didn't understand schizophrenia and drug addiction and how...
  5. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Thanks 🤗🙌😁
  6. grapevine

    When I'm down.. (Not for the squeamish)

    So sorry PugofCrydee what you're going through. To have to go through what you have been through is really really tough on top of mental health. Write your heart out here. I can relate to having a narcissistic sibling and being a carer to my parents. Also, those calendars of naked men, usually...
  7. grapevine

    Favourite lines from lyrics

    Had to stick the whole lyrics in lol: XAVIER RUDD Follow, follow the sun And which way the wind blows When this day is done Breath, breath in the air Set your intentions Dream with care Tomorrow is a new day for everyone A brand new moon, brand new sun So follow, follow the sun The...
  8. grapevine

    Finding Fun and Happiness? How do you find some?

    I love animals. They bring me fun and happiness being out in nature. Where i live we have wild sulphur-crested cockatoos that have started to come to our house every morning (early) and every afternoon. They call me and even come onto our window to ask for some sunflower seeds. They are the...
  9. grapevine

    Six reasons why many people with SA have trouble getting over it

    Because its a complex disorder and everybody is different. CBT works, lots of things work but they are tools. Sometimes people have toxic shame or trauma to deal with as well as very low self-esteem. They may live in an isolated community where there is a lack of resources or help to deal with...
  10. grapevine

    Why women always rejected me

    Too right haha.
  11. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Haven't been on in a while. I turned 40 the other day. As I reflect, I find it very strange to have social phobia blanketing most of my adult life and then turning 40. There are different types of functioning with social phobia. There are those that can function enough at times in their lives...
  12. grapevine

    F0AM's Horror Den AKA The Creepy Shitty Thread

    Midsomer would have to be the most disturbing movie ive seen. But also The Greasy Strangler is too.
  13. grapevine

    Why does Dawson's Creek look so old now ?

    I think they got mobile phones after the Millenial bug haha
  14. grapevine

    Why does Dawson's Creek look so old now ?

    Thats because it is haha. My point being, for anyone who was a teen in the 90s, or even early 2000s. It is weird when you get older to watch shows you grew up with and see how actually old they are now. Really though, on Dawsons Creek, i never realized how they were able to just turn up and...
  15. grapevine

    How are you feeling?

    I had some vegan chocolate and up at nearly 2am on here lol. I had chocolate in the afternoon. Im pretty much caffiene -sensitive.
  16. grapevine

    rate the last film you watched

    Jungle Cruise was good.
  17. grapevine

    I'm unwanted.

    I think its abandonment that makes you feel like that, but it doesnt mean any of those things are true. I know it feels like it and can really hurt inside, but believing in a narrative of yourself - even being an outcast means you are special in a good way kind of thing. I have these dips how...
  18. grapevine

    how can i get over my agoraphobia?

    A mixture of relaxation with small steps of things you avoid. I remember just walking down the driveway to put the bin out and being terrified because of the neighbor's views i felt eyes all on me. I decided to calm my breathing and body by listening to music that helps my body relax in a...