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  1. slowmotiondaydream

    Lesbians from Aus

    Hello people, I've never done this before but I'm putting myself out there, I've been on this website for years and a took a year off thinking I finally sorted my life out.. not quite in the end. I'm one of those girls who like other girls and live in Australia. I would honestly love to met...
  2. slowmotiondaydream

    I'm back

    I found a job (that I hate, but it's good money) I've moved out of the house but I'm the loneliest I've ever been. I still have the desire to go out but I havnt got anyone to do it with. Just when I had my life back on track.. Now I find myself crying everyday as if I've fallen back into...
  3. slowmotiondaydream

    anyone from syd?

    I wouldn't mind meeting up with people from around the syd area? it would be nice to meet someone of the same kind
  4. slowmotiondaydream

    broken hearted

    how does one SA SP sufferer get over a broken heart? for so many years you yearn for love and affection till it appeared, it just dangles above you till it get snatched away from you again. the hardest part is that someone automatically filled in the position straight away. it hurt both the ego...
  5. slowmotiondaydream

    post birthday.. day

    i just had to create another thread.. thanking you all SOOOO much for all you're wishings. i literally woke up just now and jumped on spw and laughed to myself out of joy. if we all were physically close to each other i'd have made a party and invited you all =) you've made my day :)
  6. slowmotiondaydream

    it's my birthday today

    i havn't been on this site for about 2 months.. but having the pressure to celebrate my birthday reminds me of how much of a sa suffer i really am.. specifically social phobia. i've got the usual wishings on facebook from people telling me i should get drunk and celebrate on the weekend...
  7. slowmotiondaydream

    Would you rather have loved and lost, than never have loved at all?

    Would you rather have loved and lost, than never have loved at all? .. i know it's the experienced to have loved and be loved in return. but why go through the pain though when it's over? i've felt misery with no one in my life and have felt the pain of loosing someone i was wholeheartedly in...
  8. slowmotiondaydream

    crying that we're nearing the end of the year

    today being christmas day, where else could i have possibly sent it then infront of the computer. this year of all years has been the hardest and i don't know why. i wasn't looking forward to christmas and now that it's finally here i felt like crying through out the entire day. i don't know how...
  9. slowmotiondaydream

    paranoid when wearing clothing you wouldnt normally wear

    today i went out in the afternoon to meet a friend, got dressed as you would and decided to put this top on with faded black pictures of roses on it (which looked rather nice but i don't usually wear things with patterns on it.. mainly just plain coloured tops) i walked out to catch a train to...
  10. slowmotiondaydream

    summer holiday have started *sigh

    uni has finished and it's the start of the holidays till the end of february .. i've always hated uni but now im depressed because there isn't anything to occupy my time anymore. it'll only be me and my computer for the next 3 months *sigh
  11. slowmotiondaydream

    last night

    last night i was in the backseat of car with a friend of mine drinking, while her bro in law was driving us somewhere. friend said something about me, using my name to her bro inlaw, bro in law said 'who's .. (my name)? i was alittle offended because i've known him for a while. then friend said...
  12. slowmotiondaydream

    i wish..

    i wish there was something out there to take that would make a person 'more interesting' in conversations and more confident to speak up in conversations. someone that would search for hours on fb to find you after theyve met you for the very first time. someone that thinks about you when you...
  13. slowmotiondaydream

    endorphins released from excerise

    30minutes on a treadmill and i feel ontop of the world (unfortunately for a brief period only). endorphins really do make you happy :)
  14. slowmotiondaydream

    anyone gay?

    i'm a girl .. it's not the best of things to be gay/lesbian with sp :( thought i'd ask. i wouldnt mind talking to someone like me. :)
  15. slowmotiondaydream

    meet up in syd?

    hey guys .. recently ive become really antisocial and it's starting to affect my mood negatively :( im in sydney, does anyone else want to meet up? really out of my comfortzone but you only live once so ive taken on the habit of thinking.
  16. slowmotiondaydream

    meeting in syd

    ive seen a fair bit of people interested in meeting on here who live in teh syd area. could there be anyone interested in meeting up round western syd? i could give it 1-2months wait and see how many people we round up that want to meet
  17. slowmotiondaydream

    at home

    at home on a Friday night again .. sheesh why do i get the feeling everyone else is out having fun right now
  18. slowmotiondaydream


    this is some what bizzare.. but an Avoidant personality disorder forum!! ive been a member for 1.5yrs yet had a holiday and sorts for a few months.. so i'd say ive been a member for a year only anyway to the point.. i alwys been on the Australian section i never really scrolled down to the...
  19. slowmotiondaydream


    Does anyone here suffer from stuttering? Its pretty much a disorder that affects the control and co-ordination of speech movements. e.g. repetition of letters in a word or anything like that. It seems as if I'm starting to stutter more then ever now, yet not to the point where i would call...
  20. slowmotiondaydream

    Valentines Day over the internet

    As we all know ‘Valentines Day’ is spring up on us. I know that Valentines Day is just only a commercial holiday for people to empty out their wallets, a big enterprise really. But being Valentines Day I would like to spoil a person with anything. But the fact is that this person is someone whom...