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  1. zlench


    Today in work I got told to smile by the boss. It made me feel so uncomfortable I just cannot never seem to smile for anything. If I do smile I think that I look stupid.
  2. zlench

    Seeing somebody you Know?

    If you are ever out someone which isn't much for me and you see someone you know do you try to avoid them. Yesterday when I was out I saw somebody from work and I walked back in the opposite direction so that they would avoid seeing so that I could avoid them talking to me. How bad is that!
  3. zlench

    What do you like? (in picture)

    These are what I like away from everyone
  4. zlench

    Who is Left handed

    I'm left handed I find that when I speak to people with social anxiety also are left handed.:cool:
  5. zlench

    Who is From Cornwall

    I from Redruth who else is from Cornwall :cool:
  6. zlench

    Hi new person

    Hi there I'm Amy, I'm 21 from the UK. I've had SP for years.