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  1. montejocarlo

    montejocarlo's den

    i figured i need to have my own thread if i wish to post random stuff on SPW. instead of trolling around, posting irrelevant things to different threads, i'd just have my own hangout place. so here it is. everyone's welcome, of course :)
  2. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    so your thirst for control has hit a new high? you want to put strings on my faith too? please don't tell me what to believe in. and don't intimidate me into going to church like i'm a child.
  3. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    if you made a joke and i didn't laugh because my mood didn't warrant my doing so, would you think of me as proud and unapproachable? if you talked and i didn't respond, would that make me indifferent?
  4. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    what's wrong? was it something i did? i really wish not.
  5. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    i'm sorry i haven't been a good company lately. i'm just not in a good shape to be anyone's friend right now. please allow me to be selfish once more. i hope you don't get the idea that i don't care, because i do. i always will.
  6. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    ...maybe you should marry yourself. you're clearly infatuated. why bother with other people when you can be in-love all by yourself? how convenient. oh wait. you're already married. that would be a problem. but don't worry. i have another idea: since you're so much better than everyone, why...
  7. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    why do you people obsess in debating things you know nothing about? all you do is memorize lines and force your own painfully literal interpretation on others. make it stop. i might go up in flames.
  8. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    is it really that hard for you to be wrong? every time we have a discussion, all i need is to hear you say "i understand." it doesn't have to be an argument. but it seems like proving yourself right is more important than listening to what i have to say. if you couldn't be interested in anyone...
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    Post beautiful/relaxing pictures

  10. montejocarlo

    The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

    for those who are curious, here's a chapter from eckhart tolle's "the power of now." You Are Not Your Mind-1 - YouTube
  11. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    somehow, it's always my fault... you're very good at passing blame to others. and it looks like i'm you're favorite. lucky me
  12. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    i'll give you credit for trying. but until you know what's wrong and make an effort to change it, nothing you do will ever work. and sorry if i was holding back. i didn't know how to react. you caught me by surprise. i didn't mean to make you feel neglected.
  13. montejocarlo


    I've seen many people in the forum who seem very interested in understanding the workings of the universe. We all have different beliefs regarding the matter and we like sharing them to others. I myself had been obsessed in the subject and had my share of extensive "research," and there's one...
  14. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    god... your condescension is intolerable. can't you just stop talking for a while and look in the mirror?! every word that comes out of your mouth is poison that slowly and painfully kills me. i'm trying to make an effort here. if you can't trust me, the least you can do is quit your habit of...
  15. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    you sure have a flair for making me feel like cr*p. it's a nice talent you've got.
  16. montejocarlo

    The "jOkEs" Thread (let's have a little laugh)

    Post your jokes here. This is a place where you can laugh and be cheerful. :D Let me share some jokes I've collected 1) Last night, I’m lying on my bed, looking up the sky and the stars, the sky is so clear and the night is so peaceful; at last I said........................... God, where is...
  17. montejocarlo

    Maybe it isn't all that bad afterall

    Just today, I've seen too many lovely people in the forum. It's a shame how much wisdom and warmth is lost in the society because of SA. I've been in various communities, both physical and virtual, but I've never seen a bigger collection of people with honest sensibility and humane view of life...
  18. montejocarlo

    Things you do to cope

    I've had my fair share of ups and downs in the world of SA and depression. Somehow, I find it surprising how I managed to survive all those scary moments. It's like having a horrible nightmare where you know you're dreaming and you desperately want to wake-up but you just can't. Now you're...
  19. montejocarlo

    Post what you cannot say

    Why can't you understand that every person is different. You are very narcissistic. Don't try to fashion everyone after you. You're hardly perfect. You won't even accept criticism. There are times that you make me feel like you do things solely for the benefit or your ego. Don't you know how to...
  20. montejocarlo

    What are you doing right now?

    I wish this forum had a group chat or status function like fb where you can put real time updates, thoughts, or anything you want to write. :D I'm listening to music. The current song is super bass.. So what are you doing right now?