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    Excuse for calling

    I need to call a number and find out who it is. What's a good excuse? They will probably say who they are when they answer and I can say "whoops wrong number". But if they don't say who they are how can I find out who they are and then hang up?
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    Job interview

    I require your opinions. Please help I have a job interview next week. First problem: I was told by the nice lady on the phone to "dress in smart business attire". I have no idea what this means. A suit? dress pants, shirt and tie? I own one suit and it is black. I wore it once at a thing...
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    New member from NZ

    Hello all I was a member of some other social anxiety forum but it closed down quite a while back. I study at Otago university and when I'm not studying I play a lot of video games. If anyone wants to play some games sometime hit me up and i'll add you on steam or something.