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    Anyone watching the Superbowl? 8)
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    Superbo wl

    Anyone watching the Superbowl? 8)
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    Avoidant Personality Disorder

    Hi Have been posting on this site on and off for a couple of years. I was hoping to gain some support, lift myself up and get on with living. But the reality is that despite my best efforts I am convinced that this avoidant personality thing that I have is here to stay. The anxiety, low self...
  4. jayo

    Dr Richards SA Discs

    Hello Has anyone tried these discs? I started these recently and my mood and confidence have improved. Could be on to something I'm hoping. Jayo
  5. jayo

    St John's Wort

    Has anyone ever tried this stuff to relieve depressive feelings?
  6. jayo

    New Years Eve

    Is there anyone doing anything exciting for New Years Eve? Or anyone dreading it?? J
  7. jayo

    Chat Room

    Does anyone make any use of this?
  8. jayo

    Book from a sufferer of 40 years

    Has anyone ever heard of Steve Conway? He suffered from SP for 40 years and has come through. He has written a book on all of this - available on amazon. Well worth getting your hands on! Jayo
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    Singles Holidays

    Has anyone here ever tried going on a singles holiday?
  10. jayo

    Anyone from Ireland out there?

    Hi I'm from Galway in Ireland. I'm hoping this gets as many reponses as the Scotland mail has!! Jayo
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    Irish Meet Up

    Hi Anyone out there interested in meeting in Ireland? J
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    Irish sufferers

    Hi Is there anyone out there from the West of Ireland logging on? J