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  1. WeirdyMcGee

    So, I'm sleeping over at a friend's house and my mattress is deflated.

    Help. ... now I certainly can't sleep-- not like it was all that likely to begin with, as I'm anxious as all hell but now there's no chance. Help me pass the time?
  2. WeirdyMcGee

    Wanting to stop existing?

    I feel this way all the time. I don't think it's necessarily considered 'suicidal,' but it could be considered 'suicidal thoughts.' I always wish I could just stop existing, to go to sleep and not wake up, and for no one to remember my life -- just carry on without me. It's like a fantasy I have...
  3. WeirdyMcGee

    The City! (are people really so cruel?)

    Now... is it the city or just people in general? I tend to just feel like people are rude on a regular basis to each other but maybe it's the fact that the city has so many people in it that the chances of running into someone who is rude to you is higher? Last month, my sister (who was 8...
  4. WeirdyMcGee

    Fitting in (as a child/teenager vs. as an adult)

    I'm sure most of us are here on SPW because we didn't 'fit in' at some point, so let's talk about that a bit. How old are you? Did you 'fit in' with people at school? Why do you think you did/didn't? If you have finished school, have you found it easier or harder or the same to 'fit in' with...
  5. WeirdyMcGee

    Daily Adventures with Weirdy

    Why? Because. My therapist and I have decided that I must go outside once daily. My mother is constantly complaining that she feels fat, so I suggested we go for walks in the evenings. So, last night mom and I went for a walk at 10. 10pm. Not really evenings-- but whatever. We walked across...
  6. WeirdyMcGee

    Bad Date Stories

    Things don't always work out in the dating world. I think everyone should know this because it's fact; but there's no need to dwell on it, either. Sometimes things work-- sometimes they don't. I do wonder if it's luck that allows a date to go well? Pure luck. Seems like it is to me... haha-- but...
  7. WeirdyMcGee

    Post what you cannot say

    yep... I dunno how to break it to you... but it's gotten to that point. haha
  8. WeirdyMcGee

    Your favourite names

    My sister is having a baby. She doesn't know the sex yet, but is pretty sure it'll be a boy just by the way she is carrying- and the frequency of the heartbeat. (of course... there's always room for error) ANYWAY-- what are some of your favourite names? Just in general-- even if you've never...
  9. WeirdyMcGee

    Being ashamed. (and agoraphobic)

    As a woman with agoraphobia, I've done alot of things I'd be embarrassed to try explaining to someone/anyone, really. My therapist once asked why I felt embarrassed, since I'd often use that word. Apart from being embarrassed about hating how I look and about being such a whimp-- I've gone...
  10. WeirdyMcGee

    Do you like to spoon?

    (I like polls) Do you like spooning? I mean-- but with people; not pug puppies. If you never have- do you think you would like to? Why? I generally don't like people touching me. Especially when I'm sleeping. I flail around when trying to sleep--- extremely restless; so spooning is...
  11. WeirdyMcGee

    The first time you used a computer!

    How old were you-- the first time you touched a computer? I was 15. In highschool. haha I think I was the only kid-- aside from the Amish kid in my class; who didn't know how to use a computer already. The elementary school I'd gone to was too poor to afford a computer lab, so my first time...
  12. WeirdyMcGee

    Post what you cannot say

    You stink! You stink like stinky, stinky poopoo!
  13. WeirdyMcGee

    Do you like cherries?

    Am I the only who who dislikes cherries? I love every fruit BUT cherries. I can take the artificial cherry flavour but I just don't like REAL cherries. Never have. I keep trying them to see if I'll maybe grow into liking them... but I just don't. haha Do you like cherries? What fruit do you...
  14. WeirdyMcGee

    Post what you cannot say

    nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'
  15. WeirdyMcGee

    Do you like being stared at by the opposite sex?

    I like polls. I am uncomfortable being looked at by anyone- regardless of sex; but can't escape the stares. I do understand there are people who like to be looked at. I'm just not one of them. Are you?
  16. WeirdyMcGee

    I'll do anything once!

    Are you the type of person who claims; 'I will do anything once!' Are you serious about it? When I think about this saying, it worries me. Seems extreme to me... Would you do every drug once-- just so you can say you have? Would you commit every crime once just so you're following your motto to...
  17. WeirdyMcGee

    Who wears short shorts?

    And by short shorts, I mean--- the only shorts they sell for girls these days. The trend is short skirts and short shorts that don't cover upper thighs. Going into any store, be it Walmart, Bluenotes, American Eagle, Aeropostale-- you will find that they only really sell shorts/skirts that are...
  18. WeirdyMcGee

    How to act towards men you are attracted to...

    KiaKaha was right! There should be a thread about this; directed at everyone who is attracted to men. So, how should you act? How do you act? Does it work? I was attracted to someone once. I didn't act any different than I do around anyone else. I think that because of my general disposition...
  19. WeirdyMcGee

    Post what you cannot say

    I'm jealous of you and everything you have and don't have. I'll never be as great as you.
  20. WeirdyMcGee

    Post what you cannot say

    Happy birthday~ I for one, am glad you were born. I keep dreaming about you and I'm still not sure what to think about it.