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    Feeling nervous about my new job tomorrow

    Well, I know this was coming. And the date has finally arrived. I start my new job tomorrow. I've been off this whole week with too much time to think about which I'm pretty sure didn't help. I'm nervous mentally. I wouldn't say anxious or scared. Everybody has been very nice and THEY...
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    Post what you cannot say

    You'll never know how hard it was to hurt you. To make the choice I did. How it killed me to inflict that pain on you. But to do otherwise, even out if a well intended but misguided sense of sparing you, would not have been fair to you. You wouldn't have grown if you stayed with me, and you...
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    paruresis thread

    So, I thought id start a thread for this. This has to be, by far, the most annoying, frustrating, and at times emotionally upsetting, crappy stupid thing ive ever dealt with. And its such a basic thing you don't think twice about. I never used to until it got really bad the last year and a...
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    oh boy, big time job offer, need a little help

    So, I find out im due to be laid off end of the month. Im trying to be proactive, putting out resumes, assessing finances, just preparing. Not really stressed because I saw it coming so I had time to be ready. Anyway, Monday, I get an interview from a recruiting agency I submitted my resume...
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    paruresis >.<

    :kickingmyself: K, im seriously becoming fed up with myself!. I was watching a good friends son this weekend....and even though I was on a different floor of the house and far away I couldn't physically go knowing he was there. I was relaxed, not stressed or scared or anything. I just...
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    meeting a new gf's friends! :/

    Sooo, im a BIT nervous about this but im just playing it cool and relaxing as best I can. Things are going increasingly well with my lady...and she surprised me last night be telling me she wanted me to go with her to a party new years eve, a costume themed party. oh crap!. I of course said...
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    need help deciding on a new vehicle toy

    Hey guys, So, with my separation now complete, im doing something ive always wanted but was never able to. Im planning to buy myself a new vehicle toy for summer. Now, im a truck addict, and I already have an 06 dodge 1500 4x4 as my daily driver, for both summer and winter, ect. Ive souped...
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    The journal that will never exist

    This journal doesn't exist. nowhere else. It will never be acknowledged in the real world. Discussed. This is the part of me that doesn't exist to the real world around me. Very few seldom see the whole me. But here it is. Enter my world. Names aren't discussed. nor are ages...
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    effing parauresis

    Is getting worse -.-. Much worse. I cant go at work anymore. Not sure what to do, except try to seek help. I know there are potential health consequences if i cant get this under control. But what an embarassing convo to have with a perfect stranger in person, i already have enough self...
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    Happy v-day to all :)

    While i DO realize many choose not to celebrate or recognize today as anything special.... Too all the beautiful ladies and gents of SPW, happy v-day :)
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    Ask MikeyC's mom thread

    Ask Mikeyc's mom anything here :D
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    Merry christmas to all :)

    Just in case im not on tomorrow, wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy holidays, and everything else :). I consider each and every one of you my family and love you all. May each and every one of you find new hope, new courage, and new strength in this new year :).
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    annoyingly cold hands

    Anyone else have this?. The rest of me is usually warm. My hands, from my wrist to my knuckles, are a little colder, then my fingers are always cold. It sucks!. Im embarassed to shake hands or touch people, ive gotten comments like my hands are like ice. Not to mention my signifigant other...
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    another as of yet unvoiced fear of mine

    Soooo at the risk of sounding 8 yrs old all over again, :P, i was anyone else here afraid of the dark?. Im talking total dark, so dark to the point you cant see your hand a few inches from your face. Be honest!
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    Happy canadian thanksgiving!

    To all our american, UK, and other international friends, happy thanksgiving from canada!. :) i cant WAIT to watch the haunted thanksgiving movie marathon on space channel this weekend! aw yea! :D
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    Post what you cannot say

    mother, do not come near me again. Let me be clear. I want nothing to do with you. You are poison. Stay away from me, stay out of my life. Your not welcome.
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    whats your "get-ready" song?

    Like, if your scared of doing somthing, do you have a song you listen to to sort of mentally puff you up?. sort of like a coach does for a sports team or somthing?. To mentally prepare yourself?. I cant link it at this second, but for me i prefer angry aggressive music. My personal song that...
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    chat not working for anyone?

    hey guys, is anyone elses chat not working?. I dont mean the chatbox, i mean the general chat thingy when you login. Mine was working up to about midday yesterday and now it doesnt even appear anymore when i login to SPW :S. My browser settings havnt changed. just wondering if somthing...
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    Ladies, do you prefer a guy with stubble? or not?

    Just curious :). I didnt get a chance to shave this morning so ive got the woodmans beard growing right now >.<. I personally hate it, drives me nuts, i don like my face being so scratchy. My wife loves it. So, do you prefer your guy with stubble? or without?
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    Post what you cannot say

    The fact that you people hid this from the family has made me really question everything i thought was shocked by what ive discovered, its so disturbing i dont dare tell anyone else for fear it would rip the family apart...... I quietly hate some of you for what youve done, the...