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  1. thegunners21

    My own journal

    Since I don't have a best friend, I'm going to be using this space to vent and clear out my thoughts. You're free to ignore it or comment on it. It's been 8 days since I found out and I'm still depressed as shit. I don't feel like eating anything, my motivation to do anything is dead. Why did...
  2. thegunners21

    Men don't have feelings

    I hate this stereotype so much. OK, story time: I work at a fast food place and used to eat my lunch there because I was trying to put on weight. Anyways, so one of my female co-workers calls me a fatty jokingly one day because of the amount of food I eat. I understood that it was a joke and...
  3. thegunners21

    Is it possible to be still friends?

    So, I met this girl a few days ago and we got along pretty well. Now, I think I may be romantically interested in her, but I know she just wants to be friends. (she hasn't explicitly said that, but it wasn't hard to figure out) Now, is it possible to be friends with someone who you are...
  4. thegunners21

    This is why I don't like religion

    Westboro Baptist Church threatens to picket funerals of those slain at the Boston Marathon | GlobalPost Hate groups hiding behind the veil of religion. I know i know, it's not right to generalize a whole religion based on one group, but this boils my blood more than the actual bombing.
  5. thegunners21

    Lose weight with me

    So....I've bulked up a lot in the past 2 years and now it's time to cut the fat off and i'm inviting you to lose fat with me through a manageable 500 caloric deficit everyday. What is a caloric deficit? Caloric deficit is the difference a person's maintenance calories (calories required to...
  6. thegunners21

    Am I ugly?

    I have been having trouble getting any attention from ze ladies. I think it's because of my looks. Do you think I'm ugly. Would you go on a date with me? PS - uuuuurrrrrrrrrr ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr uhhhrrr ahhhrrrrr arrrhhggg
  7. thegunners21

    Post your random rants, pet peeves or vent in this thread.

    I'll go first. Those kids man. Those goddamn kids. I was in the locker room before starting my workout, listening to music, getting pumped and trying to get my focus. Then....a bunch of 10-13 year olds just come storming and jesus christ do these kids talk loudly. THEY NEVER SHUT UP! In a...
  8. thegunners21

    Becoming Cynical

    I have realized that over the past few months, I have started becoming more cynical and bitter towards everyone else. I don't want to be this way but i can't help being cynical. How do i stop this??? UGHHHHHH!!!!
  9. thegunners21

    Is college education worth it?

    I was watching CNN and one of the correspondents asked the question is college today really worth all the expenses? Talk Back: Is A College Education Worth It? | Facebook So ask everyone on this forum, is college education really worth it?
  10. thegunners21

    For all the people on this forum

    Has it ever happened to you that you liked a girl or guy but were too afraid to make a move? I have had this happen to me 3 times, where i liked a girl, introduced myself to her, but then our encounters were strictly restricted to small talk. Our encounters would become really monotonous and...
  11. thegunners21

    Goal Thread

    Setting specific goals can be an extremely effective tool towards having a fulfilling life. By setting goals, you give yourself and your actions, your life, a purpose. Now everything you do can be measured against whether or not it moves you toward or away from your goals. When someone...