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  1. stardog


    Hi Basically I suffer from SA pretty bad, but my main issue is I feel embarrassed about a lot of stuff about myself and it stops me moving forward and taking risks with other people. Like being 24 and never having had a gf, a social life all that stuff. I still have no idea what to do with my...
  2. stardog

    Appearing mysterious/enigmatic

    Does a part of you like seeming mysterious to people? I've always thought with people generally, but more w/girls I have more chance of being liked if I just don't say much. Mainly because I've been asked out a few times in my life and it was from being quiet, not revealing much about myself...
  3. stardog

    New Year's...

    Who's in tonight? I'll be watching DVDs and trying to ignore the outside world Edit: messed up the poll, sorry!
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    Recommended forum
  5. stardog

    The Self-Help Co-Operative- please post comments & feedb

    Hey all, I posted this on another thread but thought I'd give it it's own just to see if people are interested in the idea. My proposed idea for the self-help co-operative, or sharing scheme goes like this: Someone owns a (self-help/therapy) book, and if it has helped them then rather than let...
  6. stardog

    Can't relate

    Whether it's humour, general conversation or whatever, I feel like I'm on a different planet...what's the point of anything if you can't make connections with people? It's a basic human need...constant social rejection and your brain starts shutting down :roll:
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    Online now S.A.S. - 22 registered users, 24 guests S.P.W. - 21 registered users, 246 guests Don't stay out in the cold guys! come inside and chat it's toasty warm :P
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    Silly prejudices

    Whats the point?? Will humans ever evolve towards open-mindedness? Why does it take most of a person's life to be able to see through their prejudices? (and many never do!) S.A. is caused by prejudice, as are all wars and injustices...and it's the reason we are over-consuming and destroying our...
  9. stardog

    Giving up self-help

    Think I need to give up all forms of self-help- books, articles etc...I spend wayy too much time reading this stuff and doesn't really help..just reinforces good feelings when I'm up and comforts when I'm down. but I'm starting to realise it's not translating into real-life change at all ...
  10. stardog

    Last replie?

    Lol...numerous updates and changes to the site but it survives :p
  11. stardog

    Were you born premature?

    Just trying something out here, personally I was born 2 weeks premature and placed in an incubator for a long time. I went to a counsellor the other day who told me that this has a profound affect on a person's personal development into later life, not just this but life in the womb also. She...
  12. stardog

    I feel like the most boring person on Earth

    I say the most boring, obvious things. The people I work with don't bother making eye contact when I'm talking to them, like they don't care, when people say "hey, been up to anything lately" they're just going through the motions as they know Im not gonna say anything interesting! I think it's...
  13. stardog

    Going to Japan tomorrow

    Really nervous! I'm gonna be working over there till august, I'm doing it through WWOOF ( anyone done anything similar? I've got no idea what to expect! Can't believe I'm doing it actually!
  14. stardog

    Changing your thoughts

    Any ideas on how to do this?? For me the thoughts come automatically, I can't even identify them let alone change them :?
  15. stardog

    No sense of direction

    I have no sense of direction where I work it's the kind of place where people ask for directions a lot and I can never work out how to get to a place even if it's just a few streets away! No spatial awareness i wish I wasn't so damn stupid :x I just feel inferior to everyone
  16. stardog

    Hate nights like these!

    By myself, in my room listenin to music, 12 of my sisters friends round so I can't go downstairs, as time goes on I'm getting more and more paranoid and depressed argh ITs saturday night ffs I must be the only 18 yo in the country not doing anything tonight, its funny how I have to keep making...
  17. stardog

    READ if you suffer from major depression

    Speaking from personal experience, if you are depressed and have SA, I don't think this site will help you much if at all, and will drag you down if anything. I know I'm generalising here, but I think that on the whole it's true...get off this site, get help with yr depression, go see a doctor...
  18. stardog

    Feelin crap

    so last night I went out properly for first time ever, some people at work arranged to take me out for my 18th, anyway ended up getting totally ratassed, having a really good time and getting to know everyone really well. Well I come in to work today and I was just totally silent again (back to...
  19. stardog

    fu** this

    i just let my dinner overcook cause my sisters friends were in the kitchen, now ive got rubbery charcoal for dinner uuuuuuugh THANKS SA :evil: :evil: :evil:
  20. stardog

    have you ever felt

    Buried away in a dark dusty room Feel like you're fading Mind as blank as the wall at which you stare Colours erased from your mind Thinking only in grey Starting to stagnate Starting to decay A heavy feeling, too sad to cry Living for moments gone Lightyears have passed, all alone Is this my...