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  1. miss_amy

    Thank you.......

    Ive 'met' some real nice people on this forum and in the chat. Id like to thank you all for making me feel like finally I fit in somewhere and get some company in some form. A real good talk with people who trully do understand what Im going through. Like many here I have zero real life friends...
  2. miss_amy

    me..feeling bad..sorry

    Just venting really. Im having the hardest time Ive had for a while. People keep telling me Im lucky, I have a family and a job,(writing from home at moment) that means I can't have true social phobia, or its just a mild case. I do have a family and I do love them, but Im feeling so...
  3. miss_amy

    My big trip-long post!

    Two people who have never met til now just hung out for 5 days and I can tell you it's been the best 5 days ever. It has been very hard...I flew from UK to USA all alone. I won't lie and say it was easy I was a bag of nerves even before I left. Sitting so close and confined with people on...
  4. miss_amy

    Feel so bad...

    Ok I know I'm going to get told off for venting but I need to. I feel so alone today, none of my friends are online and I'm physically all alone here. Feel like crying or just ending it all. I managed to upset my best friends yesterday without even trying. I'm not good at this friend thing...
  5. miss_amy

    Cheek of some people-RANT!

    I cannot believe the cheek of some people. You might have read in other posts that I've had trouble with someone recently who worked for me. To cut a long story short she pretended to be my friend, then basically took the p. Had loads of last minute time off for silly reasons, was off more...
  6. miss_amy


    Do we have any moderators on this forum??? I need to contact one if we do. Can't find anyone.
  7. miss_amy


    Hi everyone, Just want to apologise, just found the mini messenger thingy and discovered a load of messages from people being friendly that my pop up blocker had blocked. I heard the blocker but just assumed it was junk stuff so didn't look. Sorry,didn't mean to ignore you all.
  8. miss_amy

    Does it ever trully get better

    Hi all, Does social phobia ever really go away? I have good patches and bad patches. Even at my best going out, functioning 'normally' I only ever feel that I'm managing it rather than it going away completely. I would really like to chat to people who understand.
  9. miss_amy

    don't know if i'm in the right place

    I don't know if I'm in the right place. I don't know if I come under the heading of agoraphobia. i would say my phobia is more of people than outside. I have to go outside, no choice having to function for my kids to get them to school. But the whole thing is an ordeal. I feel like everyone...