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    Just watched this video and I thought it was very inspiring. Just thought i'd share Educating Yorkshire - Mushy Finds His Voice - Full Video HD - YouTube
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    ::(: I have to do my presentation tomorrow morning, I'm feeling really stressed out. I know i will end up stuttering like crap, and not making sence Any tips? ::(: On the plus side, it's a group presentation, and im only allocated 2 slides
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    what is reality

    Have you ever questioned to yourself if the reality that we perceive is real? I just smoked salvia divinorum, and wow it was a really weird experience,almost instantly after i took my first hit, my reality of the current world started to diminish and I was in a different mind state, A different...
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    Post what you cannot say

    Dad- i love you but why did you only pick on me sp much. i was so scared of you when I was young. you used ro hit me sometimes for making too much noise when you were trying to listen to the news. But never my siblings, why was I so different in your eyes. i was scared to bring friends over when...
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    Speaking problems

    for as long as i can remember, i find it really hard to talk to people and keep the conversation flowing.howver If i do talk to someone, usually the sentence i say doesn't make sense, like i get my words mixed up in the sentance so i have to repeat the exact same sentance again for a second...
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    i'm all alone

    Okay so it's 4am. I finally decided to post my feelings on the internet. Im a 20 year old male. And i have absolutely no friends. it's more to do with my appearence than anything. the problem is im really ugly, and i have irregular and goofy teeth. so when a person trys to talk to me i find it...